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Ole South Dressage


Article & photos by LaCresha Kolba

The Central Tennessee Dressage Association collected and cantered to Murfreesboro, Tenn., for their annual dressage show, August 26-28, 2016. Since riders need points from two different shows, the Central Tennessee Dressage Association coordinates two shows in one weekend to help their attendees increase their chances of gaining the necessary points to move into the regional championships. Friday, August 26 was the Ole South Dressage Prelude, and Saturday, August 27-28, was the Ole South Dressage Classic. Judges for both shows were Pramjeet Chopra, from Wisconsin, and Jennifer Roth from North Carolina. Over 75 entries participated over the weekend, coming from
Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi and Arkansas.

Peggy Gaboury, from Macon, Tenn., the Show Secretary for this event, said that many Tennessee trainers were attending and brought many of their students to this show. Riders ranged from beginner to Grand Prix, all taking strides to do their best to qualify for regional championships.

Classes from Training Level, First, Second, Third, Fourth level tests to FEI TOC Intermediate, FEI Grand Prix, Prix St. George, and Freestyle filled the schedule over the three days of classes. Saturday night featured a Musical Freestyle and a Walking Horse Dressage demonstration. With two rings running simultaneously, the large warm up area was busy with horses and their riders nervously preparing for their turn in the ring.

This event was helped made possible by the sponsorship and support of businesses like Ker Sport Nutrition, who sent representatives to the show to discuss nutrition needs and answer questions from the competitors. Feeling Your Oats Equine Massage and Richard Valdez Massage Therapy were on site to massage the show horses’ stresses away, before and after competition.

The Central Tennessee Dressage Association was successful once again with their annual Ole South Dressage Shows. You can find more information on their website: and find them on facebook at Central Tennessee Dressage Association.

High Point Champions at the Ole South Prelude dressage show on Friday
FEI: Adult Amateur (AA) Virginia Moon on Plato Carlos 66%
Open (O) Tami Crawford on Fifi 65.921%
Fourth Level: (O) Caroline Buchanan 67.11%
Third Level: (AA) Sonja Ramey on Iolanthe 61.282%
(O) Shannon Betts on Quartet 72.308%
Dover Medal: Kerri Baxter on Calypso MWF 68.293%
Second Level: Junior/Young Rider (JR/YR) Savannah Emerson on Melanie
(O) Jessica Bryant-Souther on Sir Aspen 66.098%
(AA) Kerri Baxter on Calypso MWF 68.293%
First Level: JR/YR Meredith Petter on Peu-a-Peu 65.741%
(AA) Luanne Wagner on Democracy JW 64.706% and Kate Ernst on Keeva 64.706%
(O) Sheri Davis-Pruett on Prince of Camelot 68.750%
Training Level: (AA) Diane Charette on Ruhig Abend 67.308%

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