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Duck Dynasty Dressage


By Nancy Brannon, incognito

Another episode of the themed schooling dressage shows was aired September 11, 2016 at the Mid-South Dressage Academy (MDA) near Hernando, Mississippi. “It was a nice, quiet show,” commented Duck Commander, er …MDA President Elizabeth Clifton. Riders weren’t required to sport a beard, but showing in camouflage was an option. We just want to know one thing: whose wife made the best cornbread for lunch?

If you wonder who was there and how they scored, here’s the scoop.

Cheryl Becker’s Bashkir Curly Mikato scored well in the Adult Amateur Intro tests: 69.063% in Test A and 67.813% in Test B. Amy Marolt-Alred’s Haflinger Dollar scored 66.875% in Test B. Maleigh Cook’s Friesian MDL Halo Noir scored 57.813% in Test B and 56.875% in Test A.

Junior/Young Rider Katie Haynes and Renada scored 65.938% in Intro Test B. Bonnie Baldwin and Lord of the Ring scored 65.769% in Training Test 2. Carrie Cole and After Midnight Hours scored 62.500% in Training Test 3.

Leslie Martin’s Canadian Thoroughbred Harley took honors in Adult Amateur Training Level, scoring 66.538% in Test 2 and 65.870% in Test 1. Missy Carlisle’s Quarter Horse Cool Beans scored 62.391% in Test 1. Ava Harmon’s Dutch Warmblood Spirit N scored 61.818% in Test 3 and 61.739% in Test 1.

In Adult Amateur Second Level, Suzy Hoyt Chandler’s Thoroughbred Belle scored 60.854% in Test 3. Junior/Young Rider Caitlyn Massey and Zassafrass scored 58.659% in Second Level Test 3.

Junior/Young Rider Blayne Stewart, on her Quarter Horse cross Sass-Queen, scored 51.000% in Beginner Novice B.
In the Open division, Judy Fendley rode Rollingwoods Easy As L for 67.073% in Second Level Test 3 and 66.912% in First Level Test 3. Jamie Lawrence rode her Oldenburg Shatner in Training Test 1, scoring 66.739%, and scoring 65.000% in Training Test 2. Nicole Ardito-ng rode her Oldenburg Royal Step for 65.128% in Third Level Test 3.

The next dressage episode at MDA will run November 19-20, 2016 – it’s the official USDF/USEF Turkey Trot show. A live fowl will be pardoned by President Clifton and allowed to live another year.

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