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Tennessee Youth Rodeo


Compiled by Nancy Brannon; photos by Emily Webb

The Tennessee Youth Rodeo Association (TYRA) had a busy October, with three shows the weekend of October 13-14 at the Longhorn R Arena in Tuscumbia, Alabama, and another two shows the following weekend, October 20, 2018, also at Tuscumbia. TYRA President Randy Prince shared some highlights of the performances by the young cowgirls and cowboys. Randy said there are a lot of sixth graders on the team this year, so nationally it may be more difficult for them to compete. Last year, Tennessee finished tenth overall at the National Finals Rodeo – the best performance in the team’s history!

On October 13-14, 2018 there were two TYRA performances on Saturday, 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., and one on Sunday. The TYRA October 20th rodeo had originally been scheduled for Bradford, TN but heavy rainfall forced rodeo to move back to Tuscumbia, AL. There were two performances on Saturday, 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., incorporating both regular TYRA plus a Cinch rodeo.

In Steer Bareback Riding, Owen Prince had a clean sweep of all three events, placing first in all with scores of 58, 69 on Saturday and 65 on Sunday.

At the Oct. 20th rodeo, Tate Papszycki scored a 67 and a 69, which put him at the top of the ranks.

In Chute Dogging, Aiden Reel and Eli Brock were “neck and neck” in the scoring. Aiden had a first and second on Saturday with times of 2.52 and 3.02 and a second on Sunday (2.98). Eli scored a second (2.93) and a first (2.82) on Saturday and another first on Sunday (2.89).

At the Oct. 20th rodeo, Dylan Thomson scored 3.67 in the morning run for first, but Eli Bock had a time of 3.21 in the afternoon for first.

In Girls Goat Tying, Anna Wilder is practically unbeatable. She was first in all three performances with times of 9.84 and 10.96 on Saturday and 10.36 on Sunday. “If her goat will stay tied, you can’t beat her,” said Prince. Anna was, again, number one at the Oct. 20th rodeo with times of 9.73 (am) and 9.46 (pm).

In Boy’s Goat Tying, Daniel Wilder swept first place in all three performances, with the fastest times of 12.84, 15.84, and 13.85 respectively. He was first again in the afternoon performance of the Oct. 20th rodeo (14.24).

In Barrel Racing, Lexi Henderson had the fastest time of the weekend: 15.088, which earned her a first in Saturday morning’s run. She earned second on Saturday afternoon with 15.137 seconds on the clock, but Brently Dowdy got the win with a time of 15.122.

At the Oct. 20th rodeo, Lori Hart had a first (14.715) and a second (14.885).  Lexi Henderson’s 14.853 in the afternoon was good enough for first.

At the Oct. 20th rodeo in Pole Bending, Avery Wilburn led the way with a first in the afternoon (22.350) and a second in the morning run (22.505). Delany Naifeh won the morning run with a time of 21.667.

In Girls Breakaway, it was Anna Wilder and Brently Dowdy going head to head, alternating first and second places. Anna had a second (23.04) and a first (4.62) on Saturday, finishing with a first on Sunday (3.58). Brently had a first (21.59) and a second (5.68) on Saturday, finishing with a second on Sunday (13.92).

At the Oct. 20th rodeo, Brentley led the way with times of 15.42 and 15.35, placing first in both morning and afternoon.

At the Oct. 20th rodeo in Boys Breakaway, Dylan Thomson placed first with times of 3.73 and 3.59.

In Steer Saddle Bronc, Tate Papszycki had the high score of the weekend (64) for first place on Saturday afternoon.

In Jr. Bull Riding, Wyatt Rich had the best score of the weekend (64) for a first on Saturday afternoon. For the rest of the team members, the bulls had the upset. Prince was very complimentary of the bull fighters for the weekend: Brandon Carter and Matt McCarley. “They did an outstanding job!” he said.

In Jr. Bull Riding, Landon McBroom scored a 69 for first place at the Oct. 20th afternoon performance. Cy Webb was close behind with a 66 for second place.
In Team Roping, Owen Prince and Lane Mayfield swept the field on Saturday with a first in both the morning and afternoon performances, with times of 14.05 and 15.02, respectively. Daniel and Ann Wilder teamed up for first place on Sunday with a fast time of 13.31.

At the Oct. 20th rodeo, Dylan Thomson and Aiden Reel were on a roll, taking first in the morning (10.74) and first in the afternoon (15.47).

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