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Mells Foxhounds


By Karen Kressenberg, MFH and Huntsman

Mells Opening Meet, on November 24, 2018 near Lynnville, TN, left from Sugar Valley Cow Side at 10:00 am. Hounds were cast into the Knob behind the cabin, and found riot immediately. They were quickly stopped and we proceeded south, paralleling Hwy 166. Hounds worked hard and, after cresting the ridge, opened in unison working down into Cooper’s Valley. They worked both sides and then pursued the quarry across Nubbin Ridge Road, finally making a large circle to return to Cow Side. They worked through the Cabin Valley and behind the Show Barn on a viewed coyote. They were stopped after two hours of running to hack back to the meet. A wonderful BBQ breakfast awaited riders and car followers, on a bright dry day that was perfect for the celebration!

Boxing Day, December 26, 2018, arrived with muddy conditions, but decent enough hunting conditions otherwise. A good crowd was present and hounds moved off at 10:00 a.m. KH Megan Waggoner carried the horn, and hounds were hacked quite a ways to the first covert near the BC landmark. The intent had been to hunt west and north through the heart of the country, but the quarry had other ideas. Hounds struck and turned south instead, crossing Nubbin Ridge Road before road whips or regular whips could stop them. A tremendous run ensued, though the terrain made it very difficult to stay with them. Looking at the GPS track revealed the pack hunting in unison, making several circles through what’s known as the “Bermuda Triangle.” That’s right, hounds go in, but rarely come out! By the end of day, all hounds had been recovered and all was well. Several guests were out and got a great experience of mounted foxhunting!

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