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Benton County Open All-Age


By Piper Huffman

Whippoorwill Farm, Dec. 1, 2018 – The Benton County Open All-Age was held at Whippoorwill Farm December 1, 2018. The drawing took place at Whippoorwill Farm with a good draw of 29 all age contender and 22 derbies.

Larry and Piper Huffman took charge of all aspects of hosting the running of the Benton County Open All Age. Both Larry and Piper, along with Earl Connolly and Nick Thompson, marshaled throughout the five days of running. The grounds were in mint condition thanks to all the long hours out in the field by Larry Huffman and Earl Connolly. Food plots planted in the spring, then bush hogging, got the courses the way they need to be in the summer and fall to host the Benton County and Mississippi Championship in mid-January. Quail were released in September and October and a good number coveys were seen throughout the running.

Ken Blackman and Frank Hines took charge of the dog wagon, providing snacks, coffee and drinks. Lunches were provided by Benton County Field Trial Club.

Without judges taking time off from work and traveling miles to get to a trial, the event could not go on. A special thank you goes to Reid Hankley and Jonathan Burch for judging this trial. We greatly appreciate their time and efforts watching every competitor.

Purina sponsored the stake, with dog food rewards to the winners and providing advertising. All of us greatly appreciate the continued sponsorship Purina provides. Field trials would not survive without their support. Thank you Greg Blair and all the Purina team.

In the All-Age, Whippoorwill Justified claimed first place for handler Larry Huffman and owner Ronnie Spears. Patch’s performance stood out with a strong and reaching ground race, handling with every step to Huffman’s call. He ran with purpose and heart, showing a smooth and classy stride. Patch scored twice on game: the first at the start of the bowling alley bottom, and the other at the far end of that same bottom. Both stands were handsome with high style and impeccable manners for wing and shot.

Ken Blackman’s Whippoorwill Foto Op took second place honors with Larry Huffman handling. This tough little female showed well, coming across the deep front every time she needed to. She reached each step with ease, displaying a high cracking tail. She handled extremely well with all the qualities of an all age competitor. Jill scored on game twice showing beautiful high style and perfect manners as Huffman flushed the coveys and shot.

Coldwater Spectre took third place for handler Weldon Bennett and owner Gary McKibben. Spectre’s hour bid impressed judges with a solid performance, both handling and hunting throughout the hour. He stood out on some nice casts, complimented by a good far-reaching find, showing style – standing like a statue for wing and shot. His manners were perfect!

The Derby was also judged by Reid Hankley and Jonathan Burch. It was a very good derby stake, with lots of birds seen by the youngsters throughout the running.

Worsham’s Super Sport, handled by Ike Todd owned by Joe Worsham, took first place honors with a strong ground pattern, complimented by two well-executed pieces of bird work. He was handsome and high styled for both finds. He put on an exciting performance that impressed the entire bid.

Dominator’s Rebel Patch claimed second place for handler Jamie Daniels and owner Nick Berrong. Patch ran strong with a high stepping stride, showing out with nice ground performance. He scored on two coveys, displaying a dandy high style and impeccable manners for wing and shot.

Dunn’s True Reign, owned and handled by Will Dunn, placed third with a nice overall performance that left one high in the saddle. He had a good find with high style and perfect manners for wing and shot.

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