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Consistency Spreads Across All Areas Of World's Largest Equine Association The American Quarter Horse Association Executive Committee announced today that it has formally adopted a new corporate identity system that will allow the world's largest equine breed registry to strengthen its brand, its awareness and all messages used to promote the American Quarter Horse and related activities. The new corporate marks for AQHA were designed to be a consistent and flexible typographic system that could be used throughout the Association in a variety of applications. The new AQHA identity was developed to meet five basic goals: 1. Create a contemporary graphic identity for AQHA 2. Simplify the current logo system that has become dependent on the use of a series of graphics requiring constant maintenance 3. Create an identity system that can be easily adapted to the many uses required by AQHA and its affiliates 4. Bring a strong corporate identity system to current and potential Members and Owners by linking the looks of the Association and Foundation to its three publications 5. Create a mark that will have wider international acceptance and usage to promote the breed on a worldwide scale With the implementation of the new identity, the circle will be complete so that the entire Association and all of its communication materials will now have a unified and thoughtful graphic presence across the board. This consistent look was addressed in AQHA's Marketing Millennium Strategy adopted in June of 2000. "Our new identity system, or logos, give us much greater flexibility than we have had," said AQHA Executive Vice President Bill Brewer. "The previous marks were outstanding and carried AQHA through a decade of unprecedented growth. By modernizing our look, we can grow from the equity we established and better unify our programs. With this new look, for the first time since we've used a logo, it will be easy to see one unified look coming from the Association." Formal use of the new AQHA identity system will begin immediately and be phased in throughout the year. Nothing that bears the current logo will be thrown away but rather replaced as items are depleted and reordered. AQHA corporate partners, affiliates, advertisers and others who use AQHA's logos will be sent versions of the new identity with a thorough set of guidelines on how they are to be used. There are two versions of the new AQHA marks. One version, which will be the primary mark, is an uppercase typographic, stacked "AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE ASSOCIATION" with the "O" in "HORSE" replaced with a stylized "Q" and highlighted in red. Below these words will appear the various programs when necessary (e.g. "Incentive Fund, Racing, Amateur, etc.). The secondary version uses the initials "AQHA" with the letter "Q" highlighted in red. This acronym logo will have the words AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE ASSOCIATION or various program names underneath. The marks will be enhanced by using appropriate artwork (e.g. racehorses, show horses, the "ideal" Mixer horse, etc.) to create an overall image. The predominant colors of both versions will be black and red although other colors may be used when appropriate. The new identity system was designed by Pentagram, a multi-disciplinary, award-winning design firm with offices in New York, London, Austin and San Francisco. Pentagrams clients include The New York Times Magazine, a weekly insert to the Sunday New York Times; Oracle, the official publication of Oracle Corporation; Texas Monthly; The American Quarter Horse Journal; The American Quarter Horse Racing Journal; and America's Horse. For information on AQHA's new identity system, please call 806-376-4888, ext. 359 or 379.

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