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Mare Care Service Of Fisherville, Tenn., Aims To Serve Your Foaling Needs By Tom Burriss If you are a horse owner, sometimes there is just too much too do, or too little space. Especially, if you are faced with an impending foal. At least that is what Jane Ingram thinks. "If you are a trainer, you want to board horses that you are training," she says. "They do not want to take up boarding space with a pregnant mare they could fill with a horse they could be training." That is where Jane and her family come in handy. Located in Eads, Tennessee, on the east side of Memphis, the Ingrams offer a "mare care" boarding service. This is a niche of passion, and quite simple in its explanation. They board pregnant mares, and provide services and care for the expecting mare. "Really, we will board anything," explains Jane, "but this is my real passion... mamas and babies." Jane is the daughter of a Shelby County Sheriff, who had a few Walking Horses. He passed away when she was two, and the horses were sold. The interests of a father seeped in to the fiber of his daughter. Six years ago, in 1995, she purchased a 100 year-old farm house on forty acres on Collierville-Arlington Road. In the last number of years the house has been remodeled and land rejuvenated. Lush pastures and five large paddocks have been developed. Also on the stead is a six stall barn. "We will do whatever you want to have done with your horses. If you want them in stalls, in the paddocks, in the pastures... whatever you want." Of course, this is not a task one handles alone. Jane has the dedicated help of her four children, Erin - 17, Evan - 14, Eric - 11 and Elise - 7. All of the children are very heavily involved with the operation of the services, albeit some more than others, although not for a lack of spirit. The oldest two are homeschooled, "which is great for me, because that means that there is always someone here to tend to the mares. Not to mention the equine vet care supplied by Dr. Akin of Olive Branch, MS. The family enjoys the horses, but they have made double use of their land. They are also set up for groups to come out and enjoy some country air. They make use of a large pond fully stocked with fish, do cookouts and ride hay wagons. Generally they enjoy groups from Bellevue, their home church. For more information on Mare-Care Service of Fisherville, Tenn., contact Jane Ingram at (901) 854-9952.

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