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Ray Hunt At Miss. Horse Park April 5-8 Reknowned horse communicator Ray Hunt will hold a clinic at the Mississippi Horse Park and Agricenter in Starkville, Miss. April 5-8. The clinic will be comprised of two parts: starting colts and horsemanship. The colt class is a class for the unstarted horse (filly or colt). A problem horse or troubled horse that may have missed some of the basics would also qualify for this class. Colts are started in a halter and advanced to a bosal or snaffle bit. A saddle and pad need to be available for the first saddling. All horses will be worked in the round pen and saddled the first day. Ray will demonstrate with one colt and then observe and assist as the rider saddles and unsaddles his/her own horse. All riders will perform the ground work under Ray's supervision. Stallions are accepted in this class. An older saddle is advised for this class, as all horses are saddled and turned loose in the arena to get used to carrying a saddle. The cost of this class is $500 for one horse and one rider. If the owner is someone other than the rider they will be required to pay an audit fee of $30 per day. This class starts at 9:00 a.m. each morning. The Horsemanship class is a class for horses that are being ridden. The tack required for this class can be either English or Western. Ray does not teach style of riding, he teaches horsemanship. Riders are advised to ride their horse in whatever headgear they have been using. Ray might suggest a different bit after the first day. The horses in this class will all be asked to walk, trot, and canter. This class is for horses and riders who wish to advance their horsemanship. Riders are instructed in methods for getting their horses to mentally and physically turn loose. Horse and riders attain a physical and mental harmony using flexing exercises. The fee for this class is $400 for one horse and one rider. If the horse owner is someone other than the rider they will be required to pay an audit fee of $30 per day. Each rider is required to sign a release/hold harmless form for liability before their class starts. For more information on the clinic visit or call 662-465-6259.

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