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Arlington Saddle Club The Arlington (Tennessee) Saddle Club is preparing for a new year. Still going strong since moving to their Memphis-Arlington address, the saddle club and board members held their first meeting on January 20th, to decide their show dates for the year. Already they have completed two open jackpot shows on March 9 and 23. Their Fun Shows will begin on April 4th, and will be held every Friday night until the regular point shows begin. Point Shows will begin on May 2nd and run every Friday, until August 15, with a break on Memorial Day weekend and for the fourth of July. All Friday night shows will begin at 8p.m. Officers for 2003 Arlington Saddle Club Season are: Larry Pace, President; Michele Hopper, Vice-President; Mike Glover, Treasurer; and Gina Phillips, Secretary; and Board Members are Christy Harrison, Frank Malone, Stan McCall, William Miles, Lonnie Clark, Catherine Ross, Dwayne McCulley, Stephanie Simmons, Skip Brock, Chuck Bryant, John Hilligoss II, and James T. Giffin. For more information on dates or times please contact Larry Pace at 829-3547 or Michele Hopper at 385-1228.

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