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AQHA Votes To Retain White Rule More than 1,000 American Quarter Horse Association members attended the 63rd annual AQHA Convention, where the board voted to retain Rule 227(c) limiting the amount of white on horses eligible for registration within AQHA. The vote on the white rule leaves Rule 227 (c) unchanged and will continue to be read and upheld as it is written in the 2003 Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations. Rule 227 (c) Horses Not Eligible For Registration reads: (c) White Markings: No horse having white markings with underlying light skin beyond any one of the following described lines shall be eligible for registration by AQHA: (1) A line parallel with the ground drawn around the front leg at the point halfway between the point of the elbow (the center of the olecranon tuberosity or proximal epiphysis of the ulna) and the protrusion on the back of the knee (the accessory carpal bone or lateral styloid process). (2) A line parallel with the ground at the center of the gaskin on the hind legs. (The center of the gaskin shall be defined as an imaginary point on the front of the gaskin equidistant between the stifle joint and the center of the hock.) The top point of reference to be the bony protrusion on the inside (medial) of the stifle region (technically known as the medial condyle of the tibia) and the most prominent bony protrusion at the top and inside of the hock (technically known as the medial malleolus of the tibia). (3) A line around the horse's neck immediately behind the poll and through the midpoint of the throat latch. (4) Within an area described as two inches on either side of the ventral midline, beginning at a point midway between the front legs and extending to, and including, the sheath and udder. (5) Additionally, there is allowed a single area of white markings with underlying light skin, such that it can be completely covered with a disk one inch in diameter, either free standing on the horse's body or being a portion of white marking extending past the above prescribed lines. In October, AQHA's Studbook and Registration Committee met during a special session. By recommendation of those in attendance at the October meeting, Rule 227(i) was removed which now allows for the registration of cremello and perlino horses. AQHA Board of Directors elected first vice president Steve Stevens of Houston to fill the AQHA presidency for 2003, replacing Jim Shoemake of St. Louis, Missouri, who served as president the previous year. The board also elected Frank Merrill of Oklahoma to fill the fifth seat on the board's executive committee. Merrill and his wife, Robin, own Windward Stud in Purcell, Oklahoma, where they stand leading stallions in the cutting industry. An alumnus of Michigan State University, Merrill's longtime involvement in the American Quarter Horse industry includes multiple wins in National Cutting Horse Association and AQHA cutting competition. In addition, Merrill owned American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame horses Miss Jim 45 and Royal Santana. Other News and Awards * During the annual convention, year-end high-point and all-around winners were recognized during the AQHA Awards Banquet on Saturday night, March 8. * Five men and four horses were inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame during an emotional ceremony on Sunday, March 9. Those inducted include legends, OUGHT TO GO, LENA'S BAR (TB), CUTTER BILL and SONNY DEE BAR. People inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame were Bill Hedge, Bob Moore, Zack Wood, Everett Salley and Richard Bingham. * Dr. David Whitaker of Murfressboro, Tennessee, was named 2002 Merle Wood Humanitarian. For more information on any of the events or results from AQHA's Convention, log on to or contact AQHA at (806) 376-4811.

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