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News Briefs: Tidbits and Supplements Plants Resistance to Herbicides By Bonnie Coblentz, MSU Ag Communications Mississippi State University reports that five common “weeds” have developed resistance to the primary herbicide used to manage them: Roundup, the trade name for glyphosate, a broad-spectrum herbicide. By the 2010 growing season, 19 “weeds” worldwide had become resistant to glyphosate, five of which are found in the mid-south: horseweed, Italian ryegrass, Johnsongrass, and two species of pigweed: Palmer amaranth and waterhemp. Ames 13th Annual Heritage Festival takes place October 9, 2010 at Ames Plantation Heritage Village. Experience replica of 19th century rural settlement; blacksmith in action; music; pick and spin heirloom cotton; authentic pioneer meals; see the Stencil House. Admission: $4 adults; $2 children ages 5-16; children 4 & under, free. For information visit: or call 901-878-1067. American Paint Horse Association launched a new website for the Association’s Regional Paint Horse Clubs with a full array of information and services. The Regional Club website can be found at or by clicking the link from the main website. Find regional clubs and contact information at the APHA Club Finder. National Cowgirl Museum Inductees. The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame recently announced Betty Dusek, Kay Gay, Temple Grandin, Ph.D., Joyce Gibson Roach and Hortense Ward as inductees to the Hall of Fame for 2010. All five women will be honored at the 35th Annual Induction Luncheon Ceremony on October 28, 2010 at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Farrier Ernest “Red” Rempson, Jr., 76, from Greenville, MS passed away August 6, 2010. Funeral services were held August 14 in Greenville at Redmon Funeral Home and he was buried in Delta Memorial Gardens. Red loved horses, especially gaited horses, and began working with horses at age 19. Along with being a farrier, he was an acclaimed horse trainer. He trained many Tennessee Walking Horses in the mid-South, many of whom won regional and state competitions, and was resident trainer at Doug Estes Stables in Greenville, MS. Hoof Research presented.On August 29, Brian Hampson presented the Australian Brumby Research Unit's latest findings on hoof research at the Little Rock Arena in Bow, WA. Attendees “learned about the natural hoof” and what that means for equine husbandry and foot care. Hampson is a Ph.D. candidate studying the morphology of the feral and domestic horse hoof with Dr. Chris Pollitt at the University of Queensland, Australia. For the last three years, Brian and Dr. Pollitt have been intensively studying the brumbies, Australia’s free-roaming, feral horses. Brian’s research was featured in the June 2010 edition of The Farrier’s Journal.

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