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Chase Abeln Knows Chicks


Chase Abeln knows a thing or two about chickens. In fact, at age 14 he probably knows more than most folks. Chase, the son of Jeff and Janice Ablen of La Grange, Tennessee is the winner of the “Why I Feed Purina Feeds” essay contest, sponsored by Purina Feeds and Hall’s Feed and Seed in Collierville, Tennessee.

Chase, who is a sophomore at Christian Brothers High School in Memphis, Tennessee, wrote the essay about his chickens and their feeding program. He raises about 50 birds now, but started about three years ago with just 15 chicks and three hens. He has quite a variety, including three roosters, a Cochin, a Black Copper Marans, and an English game bird.  These varieties produce eggs of varying color and taste – some sought by true gourmets. Chase has an egg business complete with a website:

Anyone who has raised chickens can tell you, as Chase can, that chickens have individual personalities, and a social order. Good flock management doesn’t just happen. Chase states that he has picked up most of his knowledge about managing chicken and egg production from reading and Internet research. Following are excerpts from Chase’s winning essay:

“A few years ago I told my parents that I wanted to get some chickens. We built a small chicken house and pen for about ten hens. Before the pen was finished, we had ten hens and a dozen chicks. A bigger house was to be built; soon after we ended up with two dozen hens. Almost three years later, we now have about 50 hens and three roosters.

“After almost three years of selling eggs, I can tell you we get a lot of comments about the eggs. Everyone just loves the quality and they always comment on the color of the yolk and the taste. They also tell us that our eggs ‘taste like real eggs are supposed to taste.’

“We take pride in how our hens are cared for, ensuring they can live happy, stress free lives. Part of that is providing them with the best diet we can, while making sure they can roam around the pastures. That is why we chose Purina feed for our flock. Our hens always look great, and they are happy and healthy. This also means healthy eggs for our family and yours.”

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