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Cedar Wind Farm Button Down Combined Test And Dressage Show


By Evie Tumlin

We love to have our big impressive horse shows with lots of fancy horses and riders competing at the top of their game.  But in these shows, the beginners often get lost in the shuffle.  That is the reason Cedar Wind Farm offers the “Button Down” show each year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  This one is for the beginners, first timers, baby horses, or timid riders.  This is their opportunity to be the most important folks at the horse show!

This last Schooling Show of the year at Cedar Wind Farm (CWF) fell on Saturday November 30, 2013 – the fifth annual Button Down show. The show offered lower level Dressage classes as well as a Combined Test.  This year we added a Green as Grass 18” course of ten fences in a big open field.  Believe me, this was huge challenge for these green participants! 

There were four children who rode the CWF Beginner Dressage Test, which is a walk test with options to trot a couple of movements.  The youngest rider, Mary Carter Hitt from Oxford, MS, is 5 years old.  This test is judged on accuracy, snappy salutes, and kindness of the rider to the horse.  It may be coached, led, or ridden with a caller. This is an ideal test for the youngest competitors on their first trip down the center line

There were 26 dressage rides and 13 of those rode the cross country course. Three adults on young horses and ten children, all under age 14, with one 7-year-old, Allison Gill from Southwind Stables in Olive Branch, MS, rode the combined test, which included the USDF Introductory B test. 

This year the weather was perfect for the show.  All of us at CWF want to thank our competitors for coming out and making this a very fun day!  Thank you to all the parents for your wonderful support throughout the year.  Of course, we could not do these Combined Tests without our Volunteers!  Southern Run Pony Club members did the scoring, helped hustle kids to classes, called tests, and served as jump judges on the Cross Country Course. Special thanks to our Dressage Judge Marlece Harrison and to my “kid wranglers:” Shannon White and Allison Estes. 

Following are the Dressage show results:

Bailarin & Allison Bailey       74.6   (1)

Peter Pan & Garce Berry 72.0  (1), 
Nike & Catherine Waddell  71.0  (2) 
Scout & Olivia Mogridge   70.0 (3) 
Luna & Lily Elliot   67.0  (4)
Taffy & Chaffin Smith   65.5  (5),
Luna &  Gracie Golden   64.5   (6)

Grace Berry   Peter Pan 71.8 1
Daniel Patterson   Mr. Mischief 69.3 2
Cole Skinner   Tony Stark 67.5 3
Gracie Golden   Luna 66.8 4
Alexis Ellman   Firefly 65.6 5
Catherine Waddell   Nike 63.1 6
Megan Patterson   Happy Feet 70.0 1
Chaffin Smith   Tafffy 67.5 2
Lily Elliot   Luna 66.9 3
Allison Gill   Happy Feet 65.6 4
Olivia Mogridge   Scout 65.0 5
Gabby Ballin   Drop Dead Fred   81.3 1
Allison Bailey   Bailarine   68.7 2
Heather Luther   Tall Dark& Handsom   50.0 3
Taffy & Maddie Mogridge               1 
CWF Beginner Dressage Test
Maddie Mogridge   Taffy   75.6 1
Mary Carter Hitt   Pegasus   75.6 1
Joanna Powell   Pegasus   57.8 2
Miriem Phillips   Sassy Seahorse   50.6 3
Results for the Green as Grass Combined Test:
Penalty pts.      CC Penalties    Place after Dressage     Final Place
Gabby Ballin   Drop Dead Fred   18.8 1 0 18.8 1
Allison Bailey   Bailarine   31.2 2 0 31.2 2
Heather Luther   Tall Dark& Handsom   500 3 20 70.0 3
Grace Berry   Peter Pan   28.2 1 0 28.2 1
Cole Skinner   Tony Stark   32.5 10 0 32.5 2
Gracie Golden   Luna   33.1 5 0 33.1 3
Olivia Mogridge   Scout   35.0 8 0 35.0 4
Catherine Waddell   Nike   36.9 9 0 36.9 5
  JUNIOR GAG 18" with go beside option              
  Daniel Patterson   Mr. Mischief   30.6 3 2 32.6 1  
  Chaffin Smith   Taffy   32.5 4 6 38.5 2  
  Megan Patterson   Happy Feet   30.0 2 10 40.0 3  
  Allison Gill   Happy Feet   34.4 6 6 40.4 4  
  Alexis Ellman   Firefly   34.4 7 12 46.4 5  

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