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SASCA year end winners


Class 1. Pony Halter – None

Class 2. Halter Open
1st Place - Treasure Bay Chips             Lynn Isbell/Ted Isbell   
2nd Place - She's My Prescription        Jane Coln                           
3rd Place - Pros Flashy Zipper               Donna Hopper                 

Class 3. Lead In
1st Place - Hunter Garner             Sam                                               

Class 4. Buckaroo
1st Place - Kadence Keel              Black Jack/Barbie                      
2nd Place - Haley Martin             Sandy                                             
3rd Place - Hunter Garner            Sam                                               

Class 5. Walk Trot 17 & Under – None

Class 6. Fox Trot – None

Class 7. Pony Horsemanship -
1st Place - Danielle Fisher          Comet                                             

Class 8. Unpadded Saddle Horse 17 & Under -
1st Place - Kaleigh Keel               Black Jack                                      

Class 9. Walk Trot Men & Women
1st Place - Ted Isbell                                   Treasure Bay Chips                      
2nd Place - Donna Hopper     Speak Dot Com/Pros Flashy Zipper  
3rd Place - Jane Coln      She's My Prescription/Watch Taito Jack    

Class 10. Padded Saddle Horse Open – None

Class 11. Unpadded Saddle Horse 18 & Over -
1st Place - Billy Hopper               Chickahominy Gal                      
2nd Place - Roy Coln                      Miss Mississippi                          
TIE 3rd Place - Jane Coln               Elegant Rain                
TIE 3rd place - Kathryn Garner   Skydreamer                 
4th Place - Milton Kuykendall      Josh                                              

Class 12. Western Pleasure 17 & Under -
1st Place - Ashton Fisher            Bugs/Rain                                     

Class 13. Game Event – NONE

Class 14. Unpadded Saddle Horse Open
1st Place - Roy Coln                      Miss Mississippi
2nd Place - Billy Hopper                        Chickahominy Gal           
3rd Place - Kathryn Garner                    Skydreamer                       
TIE 4th Place- Tim Martin                       Sandy/Tess                        
TIE 4th Place- Milton Kuykendall        Josh                                     

Class 15. Western Pleasure Open -
1st Place – Ted Isbell                                               Treasure Bay Chips         
2nd Place - Jane Coln                  She's My Prescription/Watch Taito Jack
3rd Place - Donna Hopper   Speak Dot Com/Pros Flashy Zipper

Class 16. Flags Open – NONE

Class 17. Pony Speed
1st Place - Chunky Monkey                   Ashton Fisher                   
2nd Place - Comet                                     Danielle Fisher                  

Class 18. Spotted Saddle Horse
1st Place - Billy Hopper                          Chickahominy Gal           

Class 19. Country Pleasure
1st Place - Ted Isbell                                                Big Jake/Pride's A Poppin
2nd Place - Milton Kuykendall             Josh                                      
3rd Place - Tim Martin                             Sandy                                  

Class 20. Training Barrels – NONE

Class 21. Pony Barrels 12 & Under
1st Place - Chunky Monkey                   Ashton Fisher                   
2nd Place - Comet                                     Danielle Fisher               

Class 22. Junior Barrels 17 & Under
1st Place - Oreo                                          Levi Daughtry                   
2nd Place - Bugs                                         Ashton Fisher                   

Class 23. Senior Barrels 18 & Over
1st Place - Bugs                                          Christina Howard            

Class 24. Barrels Open – NONE

Class 25. Speed Open
1st Place - Oreo                                          Levi Daughtry                   

Class 26. Poles Open
1st Place – Oreo                                         Levi Daughtry                   
2nd Place - Rain                                          Ashton Fisher

2013 Heather Roffman Award presentation and retirement – presented to Ashton Fisher
2013 Trey Hannah Award presentation and retirement – presented to Ashton Fisher
2013 Youth Sportsmanship Award presentation – presented to Levi Daughtry
2013 Adult High-Point Award presentation –
winner Ted Isbell
2013 Youth High-Point Award presentation –
winner Ashton Fisher
Special Thanks to our 2013 SASCA Board:
President – Mike Swatek
Vice Presidents – Ted Isbell, Kathryn Garner,    Donna Swatek
Secretary – Donna Hopper
Treasurer – Mary Campbell
Chaplin – Van Beasley
Ingrams Mill President – Tim Martin
Sunset Hills President – Billy Hopper


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