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Clinton Anderson’s Walkabout Tour


Story & Photos by Allison Armstrong Rehnborg

On January 18 - 19, Clinton Anderson of Downunder Horsemanship launched his 2014 Walkabout Tour with a weekend-long clinic at the Ag Expo Park in Franklin, Tennessee. Drawing a crowd of approximately 2,000 people, Anderson and his certified clinicians spent the weekend educating local horse owners about the basic techniques of the Downunder Horsemanship Method for training horses.

“If you’re curious about Clinton Anderson or you don’t know anything about him and you’re having troubles with your horse, this is the place to come,” says Brittney Chamberlain, Event Assistant for Downunder Horsemanship. “Our tours display the Method. They’re the first step to getting innovated and learning our Method. Then you buy our kits and tools, take them home, and start applying them to your horses.”

The two-day event ran from 9 am to 5 pm each day and featured multiple demonstrations and lectures by Anderson and by Shana Terry, a professional clinician certified in the Method. Anderson performed eight different demonstrations with horses of varying levels of training, including four local horses with different behavioral issues.

“His tours always feature demonstrations, and you can categorize them to your horse,” Chamberlain explains. “If you have a spooky horse or a round pen problem, there are a lot of demos he performs that you can watch and then take back home to apply to your own horses.”

A native of Australia, Anderson has worked with horses and equestrians for most of his life, and enjoys peppering his lectures and demonstrations with stories of his life and past experiences in the Outback and beyond. Thanks to his easygoing nature and earthy sense of humor, his lectures are both entertaining and informative – as well as interactive. Regardless of what kind of work he might be performing on the arena floor, Anderson enjoys shouting questions about his Method to the audience and expects them to reply.

 “My goal is to get you as smart and knowledgeable about horses as I can in the next two days,” Anderson says. “And when you make people repeat information back to you, that’s when they learn.” 

While the arena teemed with Tennesseans, many visitors drove from surrounding states to attend the clinic as well, including Samantha Montague of Waynesville, Missouri, who drove seven and a half hours.

“I watch his television show all the time,” says Montague with a laugh. “And this is the closest tour I’ve seen that I could actually drive to. I’ve always wanted to go.”

Montague uses parts of Anderson’s Method to work with her horse, a fifteen-year-old Mustang who has issues with round pens and with loading in the trailer.

“He’s a good horse and incredibly patient, but he’s still spooky,” Montague admits. “Hopefully, when Anderson does his Question-and-Answer section, I hope to ask about [my mustang]. I really want to watch the ‘problem-horse’ demonstrations and see what I can get out of them.”

Montague was accompanied by a friend, Rebecca Schumpe of Clarksville, Tennessee. Though Schumpe doesn’t own horses, she got her start riding horses in college at University of Tennessee-Martin.

“I am really enjoying everything, and learning quite a bit,” says Schumpe. “It’s easy to keep up with what he’s saying, and he involves everybody in how he’s giving his presentation. I think that, for anybody that’s been around horses or has horses, it’s definitely worth coming [to the clinic] and getting your foot in the door.”

For more information on Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship, or the Walkabout Tour, visit

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