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Roping On The River


Jx2 Productions once again brought its Muddy River Classic, A USTRC-affiliated roping event, to the Show Place Arena, Memphis, TN on February 14-16, 2014. Johnny Johnson produced the event, which featured a Heel-O-Matic practice pen. The team roping event offered cash payouts in every event, plus six Trophy Cowboy Gold Saddles for Average winners of the #11, #10, and #9. There were 25 Trophy Gist Buckles for the Incentive Average winners of the 312, #11, #10, and #9; for the Average and Incentive average winners of the #12 Gold Plus and #10 Gold Plus; for first through third place average winners of the #8 Pick/Draw; and for winners of the Jr. Looper Divisions. Six Trophy Gist Knives went to the Average winners of the #15, #13, and #12.

The big winners on Sunday were Lindsey Hall and Douglas Henry, who won the $5450 cash prize and saddles.

The next shows will be the Lubrisyn Big Ticket in Tunica, MS March 7-9, 2014, followed by the USTRC Tennessee Championships in Franklin, TN March 21-22, and the USTRC Bluegrass Championships in Shelbyville, KY April 4-6.
Selected Results follow. Full results are available on their facebook page:

Incentive Winner (2/16)
David Scheffeland David Mitchell
#10 Gold Plus (2/ 16)
David Scheffel and David Mitchell
Incentive Winners (2/15)
Cody Forrest and Barker Collier
Incentive Winners(2/15)
Mike Sibley and Jed Sibley
#10 Gold Plus (2/16)
David Scheffeland David Mitchell
#10 Gold Plus Incentive (2/16)
Wade Henson and Neil Smith
#8 Pick Draw Winners (2/16)
Natalie Lindsey and Tyler Holder
#9 Winners (2/16)
Jonathan Gibson and Luke Massengill
Incentive Winners (2/15)
Cody Forrest and Barker Collier
Incentive winners (2/15)
Jimmy Dale White and Lance Little
#12 Winners (2/15)
Dalton Turner and Dusty Carr
#10 Century and Incentive Winners (2/15) Fast Time Overall too!
Wade Henson and Neil Smith
#10 Winners (2/15)
Lindsey Hall and Douglas Henry
#11 Winners (2/15)
Jason Miller and Jarred Tubbs
Gold PlusAverage winners(2/15)
Sonny Gould and Keith Coleman
#11 Incentive Winners (2/15)
Andrew Sharp and Kevin Poteete
#15 Winners (2/14)
Adam Wallace and Lane Mitchell
#13 Winners (2/14)
Mike Cullum and Cooper Bruce
Winners in the Open (2/14)
Chad Saunders and Shawn Harris

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