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Haying Time: Song of the Summer


(sung to the tune of Cryin’ Time,
original song from 1964 by Buck Owens, also recorded by Ray Charles)
Chorus: Oh, it’s haying time again, you’re gonna bale me
I can see that cutter moving through the field
I can tell by the way you rake it, darlin’
That those rows will form the perfect hay bale.
Now they say that sunshine makes the fields grow fodder
And that rains are only there to make grass grow
Well, my Bermuda field could maybe grow much taller
If I waited for another week or two.
Now you say you’ve found legumes that you love better
That’s the way it happened every time before
And as sure as the sun comes up tomorrow
Haying time will start when you mow another row.
(photos by Ethan Lail, age 4)

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