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Mounted Games in England


Left to right: Evie Jaeckle on Pogo Stick, Libby Butler on Bunny, Nathan Johnson, Caroline Johnson on Gigi, Emma Boylan, Meredith Boylan on Moony, and Clive Jones

Libby Butler playing “Litter” on Gigi

Left to right: Meredith Boylan on Moony, Nathan Johnson on Gigi, Evie Jaeckle on Pogo Stick, and Libby Butler on Bunny

By Libby Butler

As a member of the United States Mounted Games Association, I was lucky enough to travel to England with five of my best friends to compete in a Mounted Games competition.  Our coach, Clive Jones, lives in England, and borrowed four ponies for the six riders to share. The team members were: Meredith Boylan, Emma Boylan, Nathan Johnson, Caroline Johnson, Evie Jaeckle, and myself, Libby Butler.

The four fantastic ponies that we rode were: Bunny, Pogo Stick, Moony, and Gigi. We practiced on the unfamiliar ponies twice before the competition started. 

The competition took place over two days at the Lincolnshire County Show, which was huge compared to the county shows here in the United States. Every second of the whole experience was exhilarating! 

My whole trip was filled with wonderful memories that I will never forget.  I couldn’t have done this without the help of Clive, my amazing team, and of course, my parents.  To find out more about Mounted Games, visit

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