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Krebs Foxhunting Family


Amy Krebs (Photo courtesy Bill Krebs)

Ames Krebs with daughter Amy at Hillsboro Hounds cub hunt. (Photo courtesy Bill Kenner)
By Tommy Brannon

Some people come to fox hunting through family members who are already into the sport. Some are introduced to it by friends and some by circumstances. Some people are nominal participants in fox hunting and some get completely hooked on all of the fun, family involvement, excitement, and camaraderie. 

Ames Krebs, of Franklin, TN was introduced to fox hunting through his business. Ames had been in the horse supply business about two years when one of his customers piqued his interest in fox hunting.  The customer arranged for Ames to ride one of his horses and come out to hunt, and now Ames is fully hooked. 

Ames is the owner of Columbia Kubota in Columbia TN, Franklin Kubota and Franklin Horse Supply in Franklin TN.  Ames says he does not fit what he imagined as the stereotype of a fox hunter. Growing up he went to public school and a state university; did not have exposure to riding or horses; and was not wealthy. He mowed yards for money when he was in school, and one of his yard mowing customers was an investment broker who talked Ames in to investing his earnings. So, by the time Ames graduated from college, he had enough capital to invest in business. 

Ames started Franklin Horse Supply four years ago because, he said, “The tractor business is so slow in the winter months and I saw a market for feed, bedding, tack and riding apparel in the Franklin area.” Franklin Horse Supply is located in the same building as Franklin Kubota, plus he has a mobile trailer store that he sets up at many of the horse shows in middle Tennessee. Ames said that Franklin Horse Supply is a growing business that has not yet reached its full potential. He said “There are approximately 20,000 horses in Williamson County, TN, but this store is only serving about 500 at this time.”  He likes to immerse himself in what his customers need and is so hands-on that he can fill in any job slot in the store when needed!  This “meeting the customer’s needs” approach led to the addition of products such as the Barbour line of clothing. 

Ames and his wife Sherrin have four children, three boys and one daughter ages 13, 10, 9 and 6. Talking to Ames, it’s pretty clear that he is analytical and patent about his parenting skills. Fatherhood seems to be his number one priority.  He keeps his horses at home and the family does all of the horse chores. Ames said that anything related to horses takes time and patience His eldest son Liam, also works summers in the tractor dealership. He likes to do things with his children that are meaningful and interesting. 

Ames likes fox hunting because it is “formulated and stratified. If you want to do more in the sport, you have to get better.” He also likes foxhunting because it is an outdoor winter sport and he enjoys being out in nature. “When other people are huddled up in the winter, we are outside having fun,” he said.

Amy, his six-year old daughter was fairly apprehensive when Ames first took her fox hunting. In fact, he said ‘The first four times that they went, she cried almost all the way to the fixture, but I knew that it was going to be a great experience for her and I knew that she was a good enough rider.  I led her on a lead line the first three hunts, but by the fourth hunt, Field Master Dana Burke asked her to ride up front with him.” That was the clincher for Amy! She is hooked too.

This year, the father daughter duo is starting their second season together with the Hillsboro Hounds, who hunt near Cornersville, TN.  He now has seven horses and he and Amy fox hunt on a regular basis.. This coming season will see more of the Ames family fox hunting together. Sherrin, who had some riding experience when a child, wants to join the hunt and the boys have taken an interest as well.

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