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The Mid-South Horse Review is available at over 350 locations throughout Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Kentucky.
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About MSHR

The Mid-South Horse Review is available at more than 350 locations throughout Tennessee, Mississippi, north Alabama, eastern Arkansas and Kentucky. To advertise in our print edition or online, contact us by email: / or call 901-867-1755.

We recognize horse lovers' passion for their animals, their sports, land, and relationships. With an interactive and unbiased voice, we inform, delight, and enlighten the Mid-South horse community every month.

The Mid-South Horse Review delivers informative articles and features on equine arts, literature, health, history, horse ownership, equestrian sports, equine management, and all aspects of human relationships with horses. Our publication delivers something for everything horse lover!

Readers relate to the Mid-South Horse Review because the publishers and staff are knowledgeable horse people with decades of experience. We put professionalism and creativity into every issue with our artistic photography, well-written articles, and eye-catching design. Our readers find it a pleasure to read and collect our publication.

More than 25,000 people read the Mid-South Horse Review every month. Our motto, "The Mid-South Equine Newsmagazine since 1992," presents us as most experienced, long-lasting equine publication in the mid-south. Our growing monthly subscription is a result of the Mid-South Horse Review's organized and free distribution. We distribute to over 350 locations, including boarding barns, major arenas, feed stores, tack shops, Farmer's Co-Ops; veterinarians', real estate, banking, and insurance offices; restaurants, sports, hardware, gardening, and book stores.

Advertising in the Mid-South Horse Review fits any business plan. Consumers often purchase services or products as a result of having seen them advertised in the Mid-South Horse Review. The Mid-South Horse Review gets results! See what current advertisers rave about when you take advantage of our perfect combination: stimulating, wide exposure at the best and unbelievably low rates. Reserve your space now! Call (901) 867-1755 or email: /

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