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Summer Piaffe


by Ivetta Harte

“Summer Piaffe” is an oil on canvas by equestrian artist Ivetta Harte; “I painted this oil painting for auction benefiting Courtney King Die after she suffered her accident. It was sold at her auction, hosted by Riders4Helmets, and 100% of proceeds went to Courtney’s medical fund. Green is the color for brain injury
awareness,” explained Harte.

“I don’t have the original anymore, but I do offer prints of ‘Summer Piaffe’ for sale,” she added. Prints are available at this website:

Horse artist Ivetta Harte gets inspiration for her paintings from the daily horse life around her. “Dressage is so beautiful, I'm drawn to paint it, to picture the grace of those gorgeous horses and dedicated horse riders.”
Each horse art painting takes several weeks to complete and has three distinctive stages. The first part of equestrian oil painting is research of the subject, hours of horse observation (or years), taking photos of horses and horse riders, art composition and pencil sketches. After she is satisfied with all of the components of the future painting, she picks up her art brushes to bring the blank canvas to life.

The important final stage is the finishing touches. When an artist or even a dressage rider concentrates on one painting or one dressage movement for a long time, important parts can be overlooked. Harte puts the “finished” horse painting away for several weeks. After a while of not looking at the painting she brings it back and paints the finishing touches with a fresh eye. “I take a lot of pride in my work; every painting has the horse story and a equestrian dream behind it. Dressage deserves to be celebrated and immortalized in Fine Art Paintings.” 

Harte is an art member of American Academy Of Equine Art, Equine Art Guild, and Equine Photographers Network. She is a USDF "L" dressage judging program graduate with Distinction and USDF Bronze Medalist. She has more than 20 years of experience in dressage. Shown to FEI YR in Europe, she currently shows at Fourth Level on her self-trained SWB mare Zena. She  believes in the practical application of dressage, and training for better harmony between horse and rider - a stress free dressage journey that is enjoyable for both partners.

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