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November exercise of the month- Rolling Back


by Janice Dulak, Master Romana¹s Pilates Instructor/Trainer, author of
³Pilates for the Dressage Rider²
So far, if you have been faithful to the exercise of the month, you have
learned to isolate and use your core abdominal muscles and the correct bum
muscles that are helping you achieve not only good posture, but a better
awareness of your whole body.  Now we are going to use them for another
spine stretching, bum strengthening exercise.  Be careful if you have back
issues as this will flex and stretch the lower back!
Have fun, and keep me posted on my blog:
Remember, as with any exercise program, please be sure you check with your
doctor to be sure it is safe to do so.
Step 1:  Sit on the floor with your knees bent and you feet about 6 inches
apart. Pull your stomach in and round your spine so that your head is
reaching between your knees.  Photo 1.  Be sure your shoulders are down. 
Put your hands on the backs of your thighs and use them to help you
throughout the exercise, to help you lower down as well as to help pull you
back up!

Step 2: Using the Pelvic Lift muscles you used found last month, begin to
roll back as if you were going to place each individual vertebrae on the
ground, one at a time. Photo 2  It is essential you use the back of your
upper thighs and lower bum muscles to do this.  If you don¹t engage them,
you will feel a lot of work in the front of you hip and this is WRONG! Go as
far down as you can keeping your stomach in and bum tight.  Keep you head
forward to help you get the maximum stretch in your back.

Step 3:  Pull your stomach in more Photo 3 and use your arms to return to
the starting position 
Be sure your stomach stays in and your bum engaged.  If you see your stomach
pooch out or feel a lot in the front of your hip, you will not be getting
the benefit of this exercise. Your goal will be to put your waistline on the
ground!  This stretching of the spine and learning how to use your bum
correctly, will help you to sit in the saddle with more flexibility in your
hips which your horse will love!
See you next month!
Janice Dulak
Master Instructor Trainer, Romana¹s Pilates
Author of ³Pilates for the Dressage Rider²

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