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Beanie’s Kids Go Foxhunting


By Tommy Brannon

Oak Grove Hunt Club hosted Hunters Edge Stables for a special Junior Hunt Saturday January 5, 2013 at Misty Meadows, home of Paul and Peggy Hart, MFH. Beanie Cone head trainer at Hunters Edge hauled the horses and riders and also joined the hunt. Although all of the riders were quite experienced in the show ring and were very well mounted, few had previously been on a real foxhunt. Riding in a group and out in the open without a defined course is a totally different experience from being confined in a ring! As horses are herding animals, they tend to get excited when out in the open and in a group. The excitement of the hunt and the music of the hounds reverberating from the woods make for anticipation and flowing adrenalin in both people and quarry!

The Whippers-in of Oak Grove invited several of the young riders to outride with them. The rest rode behind field Master Marilyn Hiner, who kept them up with the action. Those who outrode with the Whips were able to see the hunt from a different perspective, up front and close to the hounds as they hunted for scent. Time can be perceived differently when foxhunting. As riders gathered at a pause in the action, one young rider commented that it was hard to believe she had only been out an hour.

At the end of the hunt, hounds were gathered and everyone returned to the Hart’s home for a sumptuous hunt breakfast. Before dismounting, the Hunters Edge riders had another opportunity to do something different. They were invited to school over Peggy Hart’s cross country course.

It is easy to get hooked on the sport of foxhunting! Per all of the young riders’ requests, Beanie asked if they could return for another foxhunt this season. Oak Grove members were happy to extend another invitation!

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