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Fei North American Junior and Young Rider Championships 2013


Ayden Uhlir (Region 6) and Sjapoer, Gold Medal Region 3 Individual Young Rider Dressage Champion at the 2013 North American Junior and Young Rider Championships in Lexington, Kentucky

Individual Gold Medal in Endurance, Cassandra Roberts (Team USA Southeast) on Viktory Banner at the 2013 North American Junior and Young Rider Championships in Lexington, Kentucky.

Individual Gold Medal Junior in Eventing, Nicole Doolittle (Area III) and Tops at the 2013 North American Junior and Young Rider Championships in Lexington, Kentucky

Individual Gold Medal Young Rider in Eventing, Caroline Martin (Area III) and Quantum Solace at the 2013 North American Junior and Young Rider Championships in Lexington, Kentucky

Individual Gold Medal Show Jumping Young Rider winner Lillie Keenan (Zone 2) and Londinium at the 2013 North American Junior and Young Rider Championships in Lexington, Kentucky.

Individual Junior Gold Medal in Reining, James Michael Phillips (USA) and Sunrise In Hollywood at the 2013 North American Junior and Young Rider Championships in Lexington, Kentucky

Individual Gold Medal Reining Young Rider, Madison Steed (CAN) and Jumpin Jac Trash at the 2013 North American Junior and Young Rider Championships in Lexington, Kentucky.
by Louise Parkes

Athletes from the USA, Canada, and Mexico came to compete in the FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championships 2013 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky, where there were 20 sets of medals up for grabs. Competitors between the ages of 14 and 21 years were in action, with 222 entries across five disciplines.  


The USA Region 7 team won the Young Rider Dressage Team title with a finishing score of 206.421, improving from their silver medal position at the 2012 Championships. The highest score for the winning side was 71.105, registered by 20-year-old Jamie Pestana who was Junior Individual and Freestyle champion in 2010. All four members were from California: 18-year-old Ariel Thomas, who contributed a score of 67.184 with Montfleury; 20-year-old Jaclyn Pepper who scored 68.132 with Taboo; and 16-year-old Teresa Adams who posted 64.237 with Weejee.

The Canada/Quebec team took Junior Dressage team gold for the second successive year, pinning USA Region 7 into silver and Region 3 into bronze. The winning team of 16-year-old Naima Moreira Laliberte (Windbreaker), Laurence Blais Tetreault (Lowelas), 17-year-old Felixe Cote Villeneuve (Pissaro) and 15-year-old Betrice Boucher (Dante) racked up a score of 201.864.  

It was a close contest for the Junior Individual Dressage medals but Lindsey Holleger from Region 3 won with a great performance from Friedenfurst with a winning score of 70.974.

Junior Freestyle champion was 16-year-old Laurence Blais Tetreault who had already helped Canada Quebec to the team gold.  Riding the 13-year-old Lowelas, Tetreault posted a fantastic mark of 71.525. 


The Jumping action got underway with a Speed class for both Juniors and Young Riders which counted towards the individual standings. There was a tie between Mexico’s Eugenio Garza riding Bariano and Zone 1’s Dana Scott with Whatever RB in the Junior division.  Zone 4’s Kaley Tomeu and Belle Bleu finished third.  

The course was designed by Steve Stephens and in the Young Riders section it was Lillie Keenan from Zone 2 who produced the quickest round with Londinium to head off Zone 4’s Shawn Casey in second place and Zone 2’s Charlotte Jacobs in third. 

It was also Zone 2 that clinched team gold in both Young Riders and Juniors. Stephens set a tough track for the Young Rider team event and there were only two clear rounds, the winning side completing with a total of 36 faults.  

The combined team from Zones 8 and 10 took Young Rider team silver with a total of 47 faults.  Hannah von Heidegger and Geledimar produced one of just two clear rounds of the day to make a major contribution; she was joined by Taylor Alexander (Everest de Muze), Haley Schwab (Wakyra) and Robert Jornayvaz (Williams).  

Young Rider team bronze went to Zones 3 and 5 with consistent performances from the three-member squad of Kate Morrison (Windoctro), Catherine Tyree (Wetter) and Chloe Reid (Victor E) who finished just two faults behind the silver medallists.

The Junior Jumping team title went to Zone 2 led by Allison Toffolon (Kadans Webster) and Katherine Strauss (Chellando Z) who went double-clear. Victoria Press (Cayenne) was foot-perfect first time out, but left two on the ground in the second round, while Kira Kerkorian (Leopold) suffered elimination in both rounds.  The final team total however was just eight faults.  

It came down to a third-round decider between Mexico and Zone 4 for silver and bronze and three clears in the jump-off clinched silver for the Mexican side of Eugenio Garza (Bariano), Andres Berganza (Catello 3), Juan Pablo Gaspar Albanex (Puertas Catena), and Adrian Berganza (Corlando van Koekshof).  Zone 4?s bronze medallists were Haley Waters (No Doubt), Jenna Friedman (Zidrocto), Sophie Simpson (Why Not) and Kaely Tomeu (Belle Beau).

In the Individual finals, Keenan took the Young Rider title and Garza Perez claimed Junior gold.
Junior champion was Eugenio Garza Perez with Bariano who was tied with three others going into the last day and who never touchd a pole over five rounds of jumping.

Individual Junior silver went to 14-year-old Katherine Strauss from Zone 2 who collected just four faults over five rounds of jumping with Chellano Z and bronze sent to Sydney Shulman and Quidam who completed with just five faults on the scoreboard.


The team from Area lll took the Young Rider Eventing Championship title ahead of the combined side from Areas XII, XIII, IX while Area V claimed team bronze. Area III also claimed two of the three individual medals with Caroline Martin and Quantum Solace standing top of the podium with bronze medalist Jennifer Caras (Fernhill Stowaway) and Area V’s Rowdie Adams (No Money Down), silver medalist.

It was dressage leader Adams who still held sway after the cross-country phase, having enjoyed a spectacular ride with No Money Down, the only horse-and-rider combination to finish without jumping or time faults.  The eventual individual champion, Martin, lay second with the addition of two time penalties, while Caras was in third having added 11.6.  Area III had the team advantage going into the final Jumping phase. 

But with one of only two clear rounds over the stadium course, 18-year-old Martin sealed the win, riding Quantum Solace her eight-year-old Argentinian thoroughbred gelding. Last into the ring, Adams had two rails down to settle into silver medal spot.

The Team Silver medal went to the conbined Area VII, VIII & IX team, with a total of 242.1 penalties from Jacqueline Larouche (The Gingerbread Man), Erin Strader (Radio Flyer II) and Lizzie Snow (Ringfort Tinkaturk). Area V’s Alexa Ehlers (In Any Event), Mary Frances Cargile (Take the Mick) and Rowdie Adams (No Money Down) took the bronze.

It was Nicole Doolitte and the aptly-named Tops who took the Junior Individual title as well as team gold for Area III alongside Victoria Clayton (The Secret Agent), Manhattan (Ashley Dodds) and Diane Portwood (Cinerescent).  It was a close-fought affair after the cross-country phase here when the top four riders were all within five penalties of each other.  Doolittle had the advantage over Mary Peabody Camp (Rave Review), while Emily Macauley (Canadian Exchange) lay third going into the last day. 

The Silver medal went to Ann O'Neal Pevahouse (Area V) on Don Bosco, an 11-year-old Hanoverian gelding. They had 54.4 penalties from dressage, were clear through cross country, and a clear round in stadium jumping.

The Individual bronze medal hung around the neck of April Simmonds from Ontario who rode the eight-year-old Impressively Done. They scored 53.7 in Dressage and were in 13th place, but after just 1.2 time penalties on cross country, they moved up to eighth and their great clear round in jumping moved them to third. 


Cassandra Roberts and Viktory Banner helped the USA Southeast team to double-gold in the Endurance Championships.  In her very first competition ride with this horse, the 16-year-old from Bronson, Florida posted the winning time of 6:19.31.

Joining Roberts on the Southeast squad was Heleen de Beer from Atlanta who also took individual bronze with DCL Mooi Penny, crossing the finish line in 8:19:22. The other two members of the winning team were Taylor White whose finishing time was 9:08:10 and Mallory Capps (Masterpiece Vlad).  The winning USA Southeast team time was 23.47.03.

It was double-silver for Team Canada’s Emma Webb and Vagas, with a time of 7:29:40.  Webb, who took team gold in 2012, had plenty of reason to be pleased with her two silver medals this time out.

A total of four teams competed for the Endurance Team title and bronze went to USA’s Northeast who posted a team time of 26:49:48.  They had the added distinction of including the Best Conditioned Award at the end of the race.


The Reining Championships took place in the air-conditioned Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park. The excitement was at fever-pitch throughout the competitions, which were a two-way contest between USA and Canada.  Team medals were equally shared, with USA clinching Junior team gold and Canada topping the Young Rider podium.

It was a sensational US Junior team victory with just two riders when Gimme Major Bucks, ridden by Victoria Cartillar, didn’t pass the veterinary inspection. Against the odds, Matthew Verser and James Michael Phillips riding Sunrise in Hollywood and Shining Shoes, respectively, rose to the occasion with scores of 206.5 and 213 to win.  

The Junior silver team medals went to Canada’s Emily Wilson (Miss Cielo Chex), Maxine Whiteside (Sailors Good Sackett), Hannah Sted (Lil Cat n Gun and Haley Franc (Jacs Shy Boy).

In Young Riders, the Canadian gold medalists Pearl Aebly (Ms Smart Holywood), Stephanie Thomson (Jacs Docsan) and Madison Steed (Jumpin Jack Trash) were all first-timers at the NAJYRC.  Young Riders Reining Team silver went to USA South Central’s Jonathan Stepka (Sweet Mega Brown), Jake Letner (A Genuine Diamond), and Jamie Erickson (Rock Mountain Whiz).

Canada’s Madison Steed and Jumpin Jac Trash took the Young Rider Reining Individual gold medal, showing with great confidence and skill to secure a five-point win over the USA’s Jamie Erickson and Rocky Mountain Whiz, whose US team-mate, Jonathan Stepka, took bronze with Sweet Mega Brown. Erickson, 16 years of age, was only competing in his fifth show with Rocky Mountain Whiz.


Young Rider Team Dressage Championship: GOLD - USA Region 7, 206.421: Montfleury (Ariel Thomas) 67,184, Taboo (Jaclyn Pepper) 68.132, Winzalot (Jamie Pestana) 71.105, WeeJee (Teresa Adams) 64.237; SILVER - USA Region 6, 198.841: Sjapoer (Ayden Uhlir) 69.184, Donnerspiel (Molly Eastridge) 66.368, Up to Date P (Sadie Lahey) 63.289; BRONZE - USA Region 5, 198.158: Veto (Amelia Child) 65.553, Power Play (Devon Wycoff) 68.805, Westfalica (Talia Hershaft) 64.00.

Young Rider Individual Dressage Championship: GOLD - Sjapoer (Ayden Uhlir) 71.605; SILVER - Winzalot (Jamie Pestana) 69.605; BRONZE - Power Play (Devon Wycoff) 68.579.

Young Rider Freestyle Dressage Championship: GOLD - Sjapoer (Ayden Uhlir) 72.175; SILVER - Winzalot (Jamie Pestana) 70.975; BRONZE - Action Time (Tanya Strasser Shostak) 70.500.

Junior Team Dressage Championship: GOLD - Canada Quebec 201.864: Windbreaker (Naima Moreira Laliberte) 67.054, Lowelas (Laurence Blais Tetreault) 63.378, Pissarro (Felixe Cote Villeneuve) 62.865, Dante (Betrice Boucher) 66.432; SILVER - USA Region 7, 201.46; Stentano (Olivia Zeilinger) 68.811, Zodessa (Gabriela Glumac) 63.838, Venezia (Rison Naness) 66.73, Valliant (Lindsey Brewin) 65.919: BRONZE - USA Region 3, 196.865: Friedensfurst (Lindsey Holleger) 67.757, Okidokie (Mallory Kent) 66.027, Ucarius (Rachel Robinson) 63.081, Wild Tiger (Jamie Doolittle) 57.703.

Junior Individual Dressage ChampionshipGOLD - Friedensfurst (Lindsey Holleger) 70.974: SILVER - Windbreaker (Naima Moreira Laliberte) 70.105; BRONZE - Venezia (Rison Naness) 68.921.

Junior Freestyle Dressage Championship: GOLD - Lowelas (Blais Tetreault) 71.52; SILVER - Windbreaker (Naima Moreira Laliberte): BRONZE - Rotano (Barbara Davis) 69.875.

Young Rider Team Jumping Championship: GOLD - Zone 2, 36 faults: Casey (Mattias Tromp) 4/8, Luxina (Michael Hughes) 8/8, ubico H (Gabrielle Busano) 20/Elim, Londinium (Lillie Keenan) 4/4; SILVER - Zones 8/10, 47 faults: Everest de Muze (Taylor Alexander) 12/4, Wakyra (Haley Schwab) 17/25, Geledimar (Hannah Von Heidegger) 5/0, Williams (Robert Jornayvaz) 17/9: BRONZE - Zones 3/5, 49 faults: Windoctro (Kate Morrison) 4/4, Wetter (Catherine Tyree) 8/8, Victor E (Chloe Reid) 16/9. 

Young Rider Individual Jumping Championship: GOLD - Londonium (Lillie Keenan) Windoctro (Kate Morrison) 8 faults: SILVER - Kachina (Charlotte Jacobs) 11.58 faults: BRONZE - Windoctro (Kate Morrison) 13.70 faults.

Junior Team Jumping Championship: GOLD - Zone 2, 8 faults: Kadans Webster (Allison Toffolon) 0/0, Cayenne (Victoria Press) 0/8, Leopold (Kira Kerkorian) Elim/Elim, chellando Z (Katherine Strauss) 0/0; SILVER - Mexico, 16 fault, 0 in Jump-Off: Bariano (Eugenio Garza Perez) 0/0/0 38.31, Catello (Andres Berganza) 8/0/0 40.59, Corlando van Koekshof (Adrian Berganza) 12/4/0 40.14, Puertas Catena (Juan Pablo Gaspar Albanez) 8/0/DNS; BRONZE - Zone 4, 16 faults, 14 faults in Jump-Off: No Doubt (Haley Waters) 4/4/4 41.20, Zidoctro (Jenna Friedman) Elim/20/10 45.21, Why Not (Sophie Simpson) 0/4/DNS, Belle Bleu S (Kaely Tomeu) 4/0/DNS.

Junior Individual Jumping Championship: GOLD - Bariano (Eugenio Garza Perez) 0; SILVER - Chellando Z (Katherine Strauss) 4 faults; BRONZE - Quidam 13 (Sydney Shulman) 5 faults. 

Young Rider Reining Team Championship: GOLD - Canada, 631.5: Ms Smart Hollywood (Pearl Aebly) 208.5, Jacs Docsan (Stephanie Thomson) 212.0, Jumpin Jac Trash (Madison Steed) 211.0; SILVER - USA, 628.5: Sweet Mega Bown (Jonathan Stepka) 211.5, A Genuine Diamond (Jake Letner) 210.5, Rock Mountain Whiz (Jamie Erickson) 206.5.

Young Rider Reining Individual Championship: GOLD - Jumpin Jac Trash (Madison Steed) 219; SILVER - Rocky Mountain Whiz (Jamie Erickson) 214: BRONZE -  Sweet Mega Brown (Jonathan Stepka).

Junior Reining Team Championship: GOLD - USA, 419.5: Sunrise in Hollywood (Mattew Verser) 206.5, Shining Shoes (James Michael Phillips) 213.0; SILVER - Canada, 400.5: Miss Cielo Chex (Emily Watson) 0, Sailors Good Sackett (Maxin Whiteside) 0, Lil Cat n Gun (Hannah Steed) 194.0, Jacs Shy Boy (Haley France) 206.5. 

Junior Individual Reining Championship: GOLD - Shining Shoes (James Michael Phillips) 217; SILVER - Miss Cielo Chex (Emily Wilson) 211.5; BRONZE - Sailors Good Sackett (Maxine Whiteside) 207.

Young Rider Endurance Team ChampionshipGOLD - USA Southeast 23:47:03: Viktory Banner (Cassandra Robert), DCL Mooi Penny (Heleen de Beer), Hoover the Mover (Taylor White), Reminisonce (Katie Baldino), Masterpiece Vlad (Mallory Capps);  SILVER - Canada 25:45?42: Vegas (Emma Webb), Jahlad (Jessica Yavis), Sakic (Jaylene Janzen); BRONZE - USA Northeast, 26:49:48: TEF Sunflash (Michael Bishop), LR Amana Tabi (Forest Green), Khlil Asam (Maria Muzzio), DJB Braveheart (Hunter Green).

Young Rider Individual Endurance Championship: GOLD - Viktory Banner (Cassandra Roberts) 6:19:31: SILVER - Vagas (Emma Webb) 7:29:40: BRONZE - DCL Mooi Penny (Heleen de Beer) 8:19:22.

Young Rider Team Eventing Championship: GOLD - Area lll, 191.5: Quantum Solace (Caroline Martin) 52.2, Nuance (Mary Atkins Hunt) 71.7, Fernhill Stowaway (Jennifer Caras) 67.8; SILVER - Areas Xll, Xlll, lX, 242.l: Gingerbread Man (Jacqueline Larouche) 83.2, Radio Flyer (Erin Strader) 72.8, Ringfort Tinkaturk (Lizzie Snow) 86.3; BRONZE - Area V, 285.4; In Any Event (Alexa Ehlers) 109.8, Take the Mick (Mary Francis Cargile) 116.7, No Money Down (Rowdie Adams) 58.9.

Young Rider Eventing Championship: GOLD - Quantum Solace (Caroline Martin) 52.2, Guinness X (Matilda Segal) 1000.00, ; SILVER - No Money Down (Rowdie Adams) 58.9; BRONZE - Fernhill Stowaway (Jennifer Caras) 67.6.

Junior Team Eventing ChampionshipGOLD - Area lll, 165.7: The Secret Agent (Victoria Clayton) 67.9, Manhattan (Ashley Dodds) 56.0, Cinerescent (Diane Portwood) 61.6, Tops (Nicole Doolittle) 48.1; SILVER - Area Vll, Vlll, 175.7; Rave Review (Mary Peabody Camp) 58.6, Surefire?s Anwar (Margaret Ragan) 1000.00, Canadian Exchange (Emily Macauley) 58.8, Morning Star (Ashlynn Meuchel) 58.3; BRONZE - Area ll, 195.2; Lucky Little Spy (Morgan Booth) 1000.00, Just Bailey (David Pawlak) 59.8, Hope to Star (Madeleine Parisan) 63.0, Victory Shelan (Chase Shipka) 72.4.

Junior Individual Eventing ChampionshipGOLD - Tops (Nicole Doolittle) 48.1; SILVER - Don Bosco (Ann O’Neal Pevahouse) 54.4; BRONZE - Impressively Done (April Simmonds) 54.9.

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