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(photo by Alicia Frese)
By Christine Palm

Tzavu is an 8-year old Egyptian Stallion (The Infidel X Mylea).  He and his herd are in Nashville, TN, owned by Christine Palm. He has won many halter regional events, and was Reserve Champion 3-year-old stallion at the Egyptian Event.  He has been trail riding in the mountains in Colorado, and now teaches those who come our way, especially the kids. He is the reason for Zavu’s Place.

Being at Zavu’s Place is a relaxing experience.   The 60 acres among our rolling hills, creeks and tree lined pastures are home to Tzavu, his mares, his babies and about 15 of their friends.

It is a beautiful environment without the distractions of the busyness of life.  Guests breathe, relax and get caught up in the moment with these majestic horses. 

Horses are truly a gift. They are our best teachers. They do not judge, but instead, they patiently walk beside us as we learn to hold our head high and overcome our fears, horse related or otherwise.  Some call this therapy; we just call it a great day. You don’t have to be a horseperson to benefit.

Much time is spent on the fence watching Zavu. He will announce his arrival and communicate with you.  He communicates what he is thinking and what he wants you to know by how he calls to his herd, runs through the pasture, or stands and stares.  But it is when the kids walk into the pasture that we see magic.

Our favorite experience is when one of our 6-year-old girls, Abby, comes to visit. She does not see Zavu as a stallion, doesn’t know what a stallion is, but asks to go see him. When we enter the pasture he is quietly grazing. Zavu looks up to acknowledge us and goes back to grazing. Abby quietly walks over and starts petting Zavu’s tummy and says “I can hear it.” Then she moves toward his chest, closes her eyes, puts her head on his shoulder, and listens to his heartbeat.  After a minute I hear,” I feel him.” First you feel his energy and presence; then you feel your own.  We call this therapy.

For some of our older kids, especially teenage girls, we talk about personal space and boundaries using Zavu.  We believe horses and people need to respect our personal space and not come into that space unless invited.   There is nothing more empowering to a young girl than being on the end of a lead rope with a 900-pound horse on the other end and when she says stop or get back, he stops.  The confidence building is monumental as she walks along feeling confident and strong. We believe these messages transfer to their daily walk at school and life itself.

There horses who seem to come into this world already knowing their purpose. Tzavu is such a creature.  His journey so far has touched many lives, changed hearts, and educated many in seemingly unconventional ways and life lessons.  At Zavus Place, we continue to evolve and broaden our ways with him welcoming the lessons and experiences with our kids.

For more information about Tzavu, contact Christine Palm in Nashville, TN at 404-388-0151. Visit:

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