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Twins Update


Last year we wrote about the twin colts, born on May 23, 2014 at Joe and Tricia Wright’s JW Ranch in Slayden MS. The sire is A Little Street Smart, an NCHA money earner of over $120,000. And the dam is Partys Playgirl, who has a lifetime earnings over $40,000 and is owned by Mike and Janie Akin of Counce, Tennessee. Dr. Megan Hunt of Equine Veterinary Associates in Olive Branch, Mississippi handled the thorough assessment of the new foals.

The twin colts, Rudy and Trouble, are now 9 months old (as of February 23, 2015) and are doing very well. “They are beautiful and all grown up,” said Tricia Wright. “They are weaned, halter broken, they lead, load, and get their feet trimmed regularly.”

Rudy, the smaller, is a sorrel and looks just like his mom. Trouble turned out to be a black horse.
Tricia continued, “They are as normally developed as a single birth colt would be. Rudy is a bit smaller than Trouble as of now and we expect that may always be the case. But in the discipline of cutting horses, smaller is pretty much the norm. Most cutting horses average about 14.2 - 15 hands.  Rudy’s surgical procedure that was required on his knees was a complete success. His legs are straight and strong. This has been an amazing journey from the beginning!”
Rewind to last year: Twin stud colts born, weighing only about 25 and 30 lbs at birth; one sorrel (Rudy) and one (we thought) grulla (Trouble). Trouble changed colors three times - from grulla to bay, and now black.

The Wrights have been quite protective of them, especially regarding all veterinary care decisions. Both Equine Veterinary Associates and Wolf River Veterinary Services have played invaluable roles in their success.

Regarding their nutrition:  “We did keep them on their mother until about 7 months old. She was relieved to have them weaned and on their own, yet we made sure she still was close enough to keep her eyes on them. This really was an easy process as they still have each other,” Tricia said.

Regarding their early stage training, “no one likes spoiled babies without manners,” said Tricia. “These boys have been standing for the farrier (Adam Fahr) since four months of age; they are great to load and haul in a trailer and have been halter broke and leading well since about 3-4 months of age. They behave well when getting vaccinations and de-worming, and both have mastered the wash rack and tolerate the water hose.

On May 23, the “boys” will turn one year old. Joe Wright says the plans are to send them to an “Ivy League college,” i.e., to one of the top trainers in the country for “finishing school.”

Name the Twins. While Rudy and Trouble are their barn names, the colts need official registration names by May 1, 2015. Please send your suggestions to the Mid-South Horse Review “Name the Twins” contest, including something related to the sire’s and dam’s names is optional. The owners and the Wrights will make the final decision and award a prize to the winner. Please send us your suggestions before April 25, 2015 – deadline for our May issue. Email to: or and put “Name the Twins” in the subject header.

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