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Letter to the Editor: Goodbye to the Lazy Anchor


By Sage, a soon-to-be evicted resident

Hello everyone. I am the collective voice, spirit, and soul of the 93 horses at the Lazy Anchor Ranch in Millington, TN. I’d like to tell you a little bit about our home.

The Lazy Anchor is a horse stabling facility that many of us have called home for 20 years. We are fortunate to have 200 acres of abundant pasture in which to graze, gallop and rest with our herd members. We have three barns, each with large, airy stalls, to provide us with comfortable shelter during very cold or wet weather. We have a round pen, a rodeo arena, and a large lighted riding arena where the Lazy Anchor Saddle Club holds horse shows. We have a ranch house and an office, and the whole facility is operated by the U.S. Navy.

Lazy Anchor is not a full-board facility, so our humans come out to the ranch daily to feed and care for us. They come here because they love us and want to spend time with us. In fact, some humans have more than one horse here.
Many of our humans are retired or active Navy personnel. Others are civilians who work at the Navy base. Most are working class folks. We horses are the average “Joes” of the horse world. We vary in age and breed, but the one thing we all have in common is humans who love us and consider us family. And we trust them in turn. Most of us are closely bonded with our humans. We horses respond to our humans, breathe, play, and eat just as they day. We know our names and which stalls are our own. We know our fellow herd members and are strongly bonded with them, too. The humans call some of us “buddy sour,” but we want to be with our friends just as humans want to be with their friends.

We have heard our humans speak recently in sad voices about the ranch closing. We hear that we will lose our home so that a solar panel “farm” can be built here. What are solar panels? Do they run, play, and eat grass? Could the solar panels not find another home or live on the many roofs at the Navy base? We wonder if our humans will be able to find another suitable home for us. Many of us fear being sold – fearing new owners may not treat us as well as our current human caretakers.

Our humans are sad and bid farewell to the Lazy Anchor with heavy hearts. The City of Millington, TN is losing an historic stable and beautiful land. Please wish us well on our owners’ quest to find new homes for us. And, with all due respect, we say neigh to the solar panel “farm.”

From Sage – on behalf of the horses of the Lazy Anchor Ranch

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