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Roping in Rosemark


Article & photos by Tommy Brannon

High School Rodeo is one of those sports that makes for lifelong friendships, and friends help each other out, especially when one of them needs a hand with a project. This was the case when Josh Leopard needed some fencing and a roping arena built on his place in Rosemark, TN.  Josh’s friend from High School Rodeo, Jared Baker who lives in Moscow, TN, is a fence builder, and not just your run of the mill fence builder, but a skilled welder who specializes in pipe and cable fencing. Jared built Josh a high quality roping arena that is now used for roping practice by Josh, his family, and friends almost every day. Josh, his wife Kristy and two year old son Jase call their place Circle L Ranch, but Josh says, “We should call it Circle L Petting Zoo. In addition to horses and cattle, there are goats, ducks, chickens, dogs and bees.” Friends and family like spending time in the saddle at Circle L.

Building Pipe Fences. Jared owns Baker Fence Company, which has been in business since 2009. He works full time at the Memphis Airport in the maintenance department, and has to build and repair a lot of different things on the job. This requires quite a number of skills including welding. He said, “I was taught by a friend in the pipefitting trade. The Lord has blessed me.  I got into fence building because I needed a fence; a man told me I could not do it, but I bought a load of pipe and a welder and built my fence. I have been blessed to do it ever since.”

Josh added, “Jason is very particular. I have seen him pull up part of a fence and redo it when he is not satisfied with how it came out. There are no holes or cracks, and the welds are so good that water can’t get in the pipe to rust it; neither can wasps get in.” 

Jared builds pipe fencing pipe and cable fencing using schedule 40 oil field pipe that he drives into the ground and 5/16” cable. This is the same size cable that is used for power pole guy wires. He can also weld on oil field sucker rod instead of the cable. In addition to the pipe and cable fencing, he will build pipe post field fencing and barbed wire fence. When asked how long it takes to build a fence, Jared replied, “ It depends on the weather: pipe and cable fence, about 200 feet a day, but the chute area of a proper pen takes longer because there is a lot of fitting and welding.”  Josh said that he really likes the results.  

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