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MSEDA Dressage in the Park and National Dressage Pony Cup


MSEDA Dressage in the Park

The Midsouth Eventing and Dressage Association (MSEDA) presented Dressage in the Park at the Kentucky Horse Park, September 4-6, 2015. This is a 3-day dressage show that draws around 100 to 150 horses and competitors from Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana, Georgia, and Florida. The National Dressage Pony Cup is also held during this show, with ponies of all breeds participating. The levels offered are Training thru Grand Prix.

Kathy Massey’s granddaughter Caitlyn Massey, age 11 of Arlington, TN, rode Zassafrass in first level. Nicole Ardito Ng (at Massar Farm and ALR Dressage in Arlington, TN) is her trainer. All championship classes were test 2 and 3 of the particular levels. She finished third in her class. “This was a great show with so much to watch and an eye opener to how many ponies are now successfully competing in dressage. Jenny and Fara finished with a championship in training level, 74.091%, Melanie and Florette had mid 60s scores in training level at their first big show and Caitlyn and her pony Zassafrass finished with a 64.559% at first level test 3 and placed 3rd in their Pony Cup championship class,” Kathy Massey said.

“Caitlyn Massey rode in her very first rated show, going down centerline at first level for a third place finish in the Jr/Yr Pony division. Jennifer VanDeLoo showed her young mare Filigree for the first time, earning both her Training Level qualifying scores for Regionals in one weekend and Amateur High Point with a 74%. Congrats to all!” said Ally Rogers. Jennifer VanDeLoo also rode her mare in the MSEDA portion of the show and won high point for Training Level.

“From watching all the great ponies that competed in Lexington I was glad that we have Nicole Ardito-Ng as the trainer of Caitlyn and her pony since Nicole is petite and the pony is not confused by a child's aides, as compared to the trainer’s aides,” said Kathy Massey. “Prize money was given in the Pony Cup portion of the show, including three riders who won $500 each for scoring over 65 percent in a FEI test. Management said that this show has grown bigger each of the eight years that it has been held.”

For more information on MSEDA Dressage in the Park, please go to

 The National Dressage Pony Cup show was September 5-6, 2015 at the Kentucky Horse Park. Over $10,000 in prize money was given for top performing ponies of many breeds, including Connemara, Exmoor, Norwegian Fjord, Haflinger, Fell Pony, Newfoundland, Bashkir, German Riding Pony, Pony of the Americas, Chincoteague, Hackney, Quarter Pony, Dales, Icelandic, Shetland, Dartmoor, New Forest, Welsh, Dutch, and North American Sport Pony. For more information on the National Dressage Pony Cup, visit
National Dressage Pony Cup Results:
Introductory Level JR/YR
Champion: Meredith Denton on Just G; Reserve: Elise Conour on SNF Anja
Introductory Level AA
Champion: Daphne Nimmons-Marvin on Liddle Lord Pippin; Reserve: Nancy Wentz on Kells Xtra Kash
Introductory Level Open
Champion: Ellen Murphy on Crunch N Munch
Training Level JR/YR
Champion: Katelyn Mosle on Benno’s Watermark; Reserve Brynne Varvel on Big Indian Creek
Training Level AA
Champion: Tara Astacio on Money To Burn; Reserve Kate Owen on Pinky Promise
Training Level Open
Champion: Lauren Chumley on Nikolas; Reserve Jamie Lawrence on Ranlan Llyced Du
First Level JR/YR
Champion: Lucerno Limones on SSP Stop The Press; Reserve Hannah Irons on My Lucky Charm
First Level AA
Champion: Lori Cole on It’s Mr. Merlot; Reserve: Ann Boehning on Kabam
First Level Open
Champion: Jane Renner on Wildwych Bamboozle; Reserve Lauren Chumley on Nikolas
Second Level JR/YR
Champion: Brynne Varvel on V Back In Black; Reserve: Alayna Borden on Hakuna Matata
Second Level AA
Champion: Marie C. Wagner on Ranlan Jack Flash; Reserve: Shannon Sullivan on SNF Bridar
Second Level Open
Champion: Kaitlin Blythe on Kynynmont Ballytobin; Reserve Jennifer Grant on Adrenaline Rush SBF
Third Level JR/YR
Champion: Alayna Borden on Hakuna Matata
Third Level AA
Champion: Kerry Ann Johnson-Miljan on Red Fish Blue Fish; Reserve: Andrea Eppley on PDF Vidar
Third Level Open
Champion: Kaitlin Blythe on Kynynmont Cooper O’Grady; Reserve Lauren Chumley on Sham’s Chinaberry
Fourth Level AA
Champion: Marie C. Wagner on Castleberry’s Delight; Reserve: Kerry Ann Johnson-Miljan on Red Fish Blue Fish
Fourth Level Open
Champion: Lauren Chumley on Avatar’s Jazzman
Champion: Jessica Miltimore on Galadrials Mirror
Champion: Billy Jackson on Ilja
FEI Level TOC Open
Champion: Lauren Chumley on Avatar’s Jazzman; Reserve: Kaitlin Blythe on Kynynmont Blue Sapphire
FEI Pony Level JR/YR
Champion: Hannah Irons on Bohdjann; Reserve: Brynne Varvel on V Back In Black
Musical Freestyle
Champion: Hannah Irons on Bohdjann; Reserve: Katrina Sadis on Iridesse SVS
Musical Freestyle AA
Champion: Billy Jackson on Ilja; Reserve: Kerry Ann Johnson-Miljan on Red Fish Blue Fish
Musical Freestyle Open
Champion: Pamela Aide on Legend; Reserve: Jane Renner on Wildwych Bamboozle
Oversized Pony Winners
Kari McFadden on Fiddler (New Forest) and Deanna Landwehr on Brenner IK (Haflinger) also winner of the Rachel King award, which goes to the single highest ridden score, excluding musical freestyle, by a registered Haflinger during the Pony Cup Show.

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