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Every Year is the Year of the Horse


By Nancy & Tommy Brannon, Editor & Publisher

In 2014 we celebrated the Year of the Horse. This year we celebrate the Horse of the Year: American Pharoah – the hero of millions of people across the U.S. Pharoah didn’t just stop at being the first Triple Crown winner in 37 years; he continued racing and went on the put the final jewel in his crown before retirement at stud: the Breeders Cup Classic. It was a much-anticipated race and the majority of people at Keeneland Race track were there to see him win.

If you think about it, every year is the Year of the Horse at the Mid-South Horse Review. We showcase national and international stars (horses, riders, and trainers), as well as regional and local stars. We bring you the personal stories of horses – loved, rescued, special characters, and more. We bring you personal stories of riders, writers, trainers, and ordinary folks who are made special by the horses in their lives. We showcase emerging talents – in riding accomplishments, budding writers, and photographers with a special eye. We bring you the latest in horse care and horse health information from knowledgeable professionals you can trust. We bring you information about care and protection of the land and grazing habitat that is essential for horses.

We invite you to mount up with the Mid-South Horse Review in the coming year. Let us give you a leg up, whatever your horse-related business or profession might be. We’re here to celebrate horses, their people, and we strive to get better with every issue.

We are very grateful to all those who have contributed to the Mid-South Horse Review this year, and years past. We have so many great advertisers who contribute their financial support – and without you, our publication wouldn’t happen. We have contributing writers, photographers who share their photos with you, and many community folks who keep us informed of what’s going on in their neighborhood. THANK YOU ALL – for making the Mid-South Horse Review the premier publication about horses in the mid-south!

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