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Oak Grove Combined Test


By Peggy Hart

Despite the drop in temperature from the balmy 70s to nearly 40 degrees with a light sprinkling of rain and rising winds, the intrepid competitors at the Oak Grove Hunt Club Combined Test and Dressage Show, November 21, 2015, persevered. Misty Meadows Farm near Byhalia, MS offered a well-marked cross country course with naturally constructed fences and a smartly groomed dressage arena.  A few entries negotiated the inaugural Novice/Training course over some new and substantial cross country jumps.  More entered the Beginner Novice (BN) division, where the cross country course rode well for all the competitors. Even the Modified Terrified (MT) course caused few difficulties for the riders, as it was easily ridden on a well prepared horse.  There were new jumps on both the BN and MT courses to add to the day’s excitement.  Green as Grass brought out the largest group, and all did very well on the tires, panels, pipes and the log pile.  Riders who had signed up to school the course will be allowed to return at a later date when the weather is a bit nicer. By the end of the show, everyone, including the horses, were ready to get out of the first, blustery cold snap.

Once the eventers had their turn the Dressage only crowd braved the rain and cold to show what their horses could do on the flat.  Judge Peggy Gaboury was impressed with the well turned out riders and horses for this part of the event.  She said, “It was nice to see them take the effort to be correct even at a non-recognized show.”  

Results for Combined Test:

Novice/ Training - Leigh Higby - Plaisance Prince

Beginner Novice

1st: Julia Jennings - One Under Par

2nd: Sydney Doss - Summertown Blues

Modified Terrified - Div. A

1st: Caroliine Weathers - My Alibi

2nd: Sophia West - Road Less Traveled

3rd: Sarah Grace Moore - Cherokee

Modified Terrified - Div. B

1st: Ashley Evans - Splash of Class

Green as Grass - Div. A

(Because this class is not timed there was a tie for first)

1st: Danielle Tursky on Copper Too

1st: Julia Kate Huffman - Road Less Traveled

2nd: Mia Dunford - One Under Par

Dressage Only Results:

Intro Test A.

1st:  Lilliana Kate Chumney - Tuxedo Man 

2nd: Kristin Lote - Cody's Gun

Intro Test B. 

1st: Missy Carlisle - Cool Beans

2nd: Lilliana Kate Chumney - Tuxedo Man

3rd: Kristin Lotz - Cody's Gun

Intro. Test C

1st: Missy Carlisle - Cool Beans

Training Test 1

1st: Riley Hawkins - Sport

2nd: Olivia Mogridge - Mr. Wonderful

Training Test 3

1st: Maddie West - Zach

2nd: Katie Haynes - Maxxed out

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