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Giving Up A Little At Christmas…


Lucy Harris (left) on her Paint pony Dakota and Sydney Harris (right) on her Palomino Quarter Horse.
By Tim Harris
Sisters Sydney and Lucy Harris love to ride and love their horses. They are also compassionate about helping others, especially their school mates. In December they informed their dad that both had fellow students from each of their schools who were being treated at local hospitals. 
Sydney is in the 5th grade at Alturia Elementary, and she had a fellow student who was in Le Bonheur Hospital. Lucy is in 7th grade at Elmore Park Middle School, where she had a fellow student in St. Jude Hospital.
The Harris sisters were asked by their dad if they would like to give up a portion of their Christmas and do something for their fellow students who were hospitalized. They asked to whom they would donate part of their Christmas gifts, and their dad replied, “How about to St. Jude and Le Bonheur hospitals?” They both immediately agreed. 
“So we had two cashier’s check drawn up for the donations, one made out to Le Bonheur Hospital in honor of the student at Alturia, and the other made out to St. Jude to honor the student at Elmore Park, “ Tim said.
Dad says the girls are always willing to give up a little something, whether it is a horse for a friend, some of their own money, or some of their time for someone else. This is something for a father of 10 and 12-year-old daughters to be proud of! They have a special love for all animals, especially horses.
The Harris sisters will be participating at this year’s Barrel Jam for St. Jude at the Show Place Arena, Memphis, February 26-28.

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