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Chula Homa Hunt Hosts Ole Miss Equestrians


By Tommy Brannon

Chula Homa Hunt hosted guests from the new Ole Miss Equestrian team on their hunt weekend, February 20-21, 2016. The back-to-back foxhunts took place at their Tilda Bogue fixture near Canton, Mississippi on Saturday and at their Whitworth Farm fixture near Pickens, Mississippi on Sunday. Field Master Allison Crews, whose home is Tilda Bogue, generously offered accommodations and horses for the Ole Miss students. In addition to the Ole Miss students, the first field included Chula Homa members Maddie Hall and Will Morrison. 

Field Hubbell, a senior at Ole Miss, said that this was her first time to foxhunt. “This is the hardest thing I have done on horseback,” she said. “I ride jumpers and have done some eventing, but I normally don’t have to deal with the elements, i.e, tree branches, uneven ground, ditches, etc. Allison Crews was so nice to let me ride one of her experienced fox hunt horses. I can’t believe I have never done this before. It is so much fun!”

Lake Weston is a junior from Madison, Mississippi. She said that she has fox hunted on three previous occasions with “Miss Allison,” who also provided her a horse. They have fox hunted both with Chula Homa and with the Longreen Foxhounds. Lake rides hunters on the Ole Miss Team. “I love foxhunting with my friends,” she commented.

Haylee Russell is a freshman from Tampa, Florida. She is an experienced fox hunter and a member of South Creek Foxhounds near Tampa, where she has her colors and has also whipped in. She rides hunters on the Ole Miss team. Allison Crews also provided Haylee with a horse for the weekend of Sport.

Accompanying the Ole Miss Team members was Emily Warden of Murfreesboro, Tennessee who is also a student at Ole Miss, but not a member of the equestrian team. Emily is an experienced fox hunter and regularly hunts with Cedar Knob Hounds in Cornersville, Tennessee.

Huntsman Battie Williams cast hounds in the heavily wooded territory of Tilda Bogue, which has many well-groomed wide trails. The music of the hounds reverberated through the forest all day long. Field Master Crews said that these woods are “very foxy,” having sighted many gray foxes on a regular basis. Although Saturday’s weather was dry and warm enough for MFH Sue Skipper to “waive coats,” there was plenty of running water in the creeks and ditches, enough that when a fox hunter had an involuntary dismount, she got thoroughly “mudded.” Sunday was warm and raining, but not enough rain to dampen spirits or wash out a fun weekend of sport.    

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