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Blair C. Dworkin Fine Art


By Nancy Brannon

One of the new vendors at the Germantown Charity Horse Show this year was Blair C. Dworkin Fine Art. Although she hails from Scottsdale, Arizona, and has been an independent graphic designer and artist in that area for over 20 years, she has Memphis and mid-south roots.

Growing up in Memphis is where she learned to ride, when family vacations might include horseback riding on the trails, and riding with her high school friends at Shelby Farms. Blair received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Cum Laude from the University of Memphis.

After college she worked in graphic design for a large software corporation in Arlington, Virginia. She met her husband in Washington, DC during this time, and his family bred and trained Thoroughbreds at a farm in New Jersey, racing them at The Meadowlands race track.

Blair introduced her daughter Sabrina to riding when she was in middle school, and in doing so, rediscovered her own love of the horse’s shape and form.

In 2011 she opened her first studio, Brown Eyed Filly, to create a variety of equine art. And in 2012, she showed her equine art for the first time at an all-breed show, the Carousel Charity Horse Show in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Blair’s most outstanding works are 3D sculptures of horses on pottery. Her inspiration for this type of work began when she attended the Scottsdale Arabian Horse show a few years ago, where the sculpted bodies of the Arabian horses captivated her. She has featured Arabian horses in her art work ever since.

Blair’s unique sculptural vases combine the beauty – and very accurate detail – of horses with other elements to tell a story. For example, her bronze sculpture “Essence of Eden” shows a horse fixed on getting a bite of an apple from a tree. As one turns the vase, every side reveals a new perspective of the horse, the tree, and the apple – all in 3D.

She tries to reflect the unique personality of the horses in her sculptures, too. “Some are playful and others are more elusive,” she says.

Some of her most popular items at Germantown were the unique jewelry pieces she creates, many also featuring an Arabian horse head.

Blair commented on her enjoyment of the Charity Horse Show: “The show is a beautiful event that everyone seems to enjoy attending. I especially loved seeing the Gypsy Vanner horses, since they are so uncommon in the southwest. I was mesmerized by their strength and beauty! I will have to create a Gypsy Vanner sculpture soon. I am looking forward to expanding by portfolio with other breeds.”

As publishers and editors of the Mid-South Horse Review, we are always pleased when folks find our publication of value. Blair told us: “I was impressed by the diversity of articles that support equestrian events, art, and nature. It was very refreshing publication to read.

“I also was pleased by the article about the IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association) team [June issue]. My daughter Sabrina took part in IEA and even went to IEA Nationals. She also won the cover design a few years ago. This is such a great introductory program, including kids in competitions without having to own a horse. We then leased a horse and she competed in the A-rated shows.”

Last summer Blair was featured in an article published in Equestrian Country magazine, an equestrian lifestyle magazine produced and printed in Australia.

In August she will taking several of her sculptures and jewelry pieces to Beijing, China to the first Arabian Horse show there. “I am very excited and honored to have the opportunity to do this,” she said. “They are trying to promote and expand the Arabian horse market in China.” Read more about the First China Arabian Horse Show, August 4-5, 2018, at:

Find out more about the artist and her work at Blair C. Dworkin Fine Art:

About the pieces:

“Arabian sculpture” is of the World Champion Arabian Stallion Vitorio TO. “I am very proud to be the first sculptor to do sculptural portraits with inlaid semi-precious stones.”

The vase with the horse’s head down in the yellow, white, and red flowers is a one of a kind ceramic. The others are limited edition bronzes.

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