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Making the Ordinary Extraordinary


By “food critic” Nancy Brannon

 “You can make the ordinary extraordinary on the Traeger Grill,” said Chef Jill Dempsey. Stewart Brothers Hardware in Ellendale, TN hosted a spring Traeger Grill demonstration on Saturday April 27, 2019.  Jill, with husband Ed, daughter Jacqueline and her husband were happy to explain – and give samples of – all the delicious foods that can easily be cooked on the Traeger Grill.

Saturday’s brunch samples included Ed’s traditional bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers and sausage and biscuits (biscuits, too, baked on the grill). Meats included two sweet-tea brined chickens, pork shoulders, hot wings, and corned beef brisket – so tender and delicious! Jill had prepared cold smoked cheeses, a smoked con quesodip, and two delicious desserts: vanilla cheesecake and chocolate pound cake.

Jill says she can even use her good cooking crocks on the grill because no residue from the grill gets on the bottom. “You can cook anything on the grill, and you can cook multiple things at the same time on it,” explained Jill. The grill uses hardwood pellets and operates with a thermostat to keep the grill at the specified temperature. It automatically adds pellets as needed to keep the temperature even, just like an oven.

Jacqueline offered a tasty trail mix comprised of mixed nuts, assorted dried fruit that was covered with olive oil, Traeger big game rub, and then smoked for 45 minutes. “It tastes ‘herby,’ not barbeque flavor,” she said.

Jacqueline likes the new WiFire Traeger grill, especially the wi-fi feature. It allows one to turn the grill on and off remotely, and Ed added, to monitor the grill remotely while you’re doing something else. “Now all we need is a robot to put the biscuits on!” Ed joked.

See the full line of Traeger grills at Stewart Brothers Hardware, 7715 Hwy. 70 in Ellendale, TN and online at, where you can also find plenty of recipes.

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