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Germantown Charity Horse Show Gambler’s Choice


Fintan, ridden by Paul Macrae (second place)

The extended Walker family present Katana Kennedy O’Brien with the trophy for winning the Gambler’s Choice

Adeline, ridden by Katana Kennedy O’Brien (Winner)

Adeline and Katana Kennedy O’Brien clear the Joker

Casino Heist HH, ridden by Carli Kirsch (3rd place)

Athena Du Rouet, ridden by Kiersten Sudlow

Athena Du Rouet and Kiersten Sudlow clear the Joker for 200 points

Cindaralla Man, ridden by Claire Huskey

Perrier and Savannah Unger clear the Joker (4th place)

Corini, ridden by Paul Macrae
Thursday night, June 6, 2019 offered the exciting Gambler’s Choice Jumper class, sponsored by the family of the late Harold Walker. When he was an equestrian competitor, one of Harold’s favorite classes at the show was the Gambler’s Choice. In this competition, fences are set at a maximum of 1.35m and each obstacle carries a point value from 10 to the Joker at 200 points. Within the time allowed, the rider may jump as many of the obstacles as he wishes in any order and in any direction. The goal is to accumulate as many points as possible in the time allowed. After the time, the rider may opt to jump the 200-point Joker. If he jumps clear, 200 points is added to the score. If he knocks down any part of the Joker, 200 points are deducted. In the end, the rider who has obtained the greatest number of points is the winner.

Unfortunately, the competitors had to “take their own line” in the non-stop rain. Fortunately, the arena footing retained good traction and was not slick. Ultimately, it was Katana Kennedy O’Brien aboard Adeline who accumulated the most points for the win.

Paul MaCrae and Fintan were second and Carli Kirsch and Casino Heist HH were third.

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