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Artist Charles Schreyvogel


By Nancy Brannon

Perhaps you have heard of the artist Frederic Remington and are familiar with some of his sculptures. But did you know at he and Charles Schreyvogel had much in common and might have been considered rivals? Both were born in 1861 and lived their lives in the East; both were talented artists who had a fascination with the West and cowboys. Schreyvogel depicted the American west in both paintings and bronze sculptures.

Schreyvogel was a talented, self-taught artist, who was interested in painting the subject matter of the West, unfortunately, at a time when the days of the frontier were disappearing. His interest in the west was sparked when he attended Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West show in New York. He became interested in painting the cavalry, so he headed west, visiting the Ute reservation in Colorado and an Arizona ranch. While there he interviewed soldiers, made sketches and collected artifacts. Like Remington, Schreyvogel based his portrayals of cowboys and cavalrymen on firsthand experience mixed with masculine escapist fantasy. Between 1893 and 1905 he made frequent visits to western states, collecting Indian and military artifacts for the detailed paintings he produced in his Hoboken, New Jersey studio. In 1899 he won the Clarke Prize for his painting My Bunkie, which portrays a soldier heroically rescuing a bunkmate who has lost his mount in a skirmish with unseen Indians.

One of his paintings was brought to the PBS Antiques Roadshow, which aired September 16, 2019: “A Lone Horse.” The oil painting is circa1900 and appraised for $75,000.
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