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Triple R Cattle Company Super 7 Ranch Rodeo Series #6


Article & photos by Morganna Fisher

The fall temperatures were a welcome relief as cowboys, families, and cattle filled the outdoor arena area of the Marshall County Fairgrounds on Saturday September 21, 2019.  Fourteen, 4-man teams were displaying their cowboy skills for the sixth event in the Triple R Cattle Company’s Super 7 Series Ranch Rodeos.  After the teams gathered for a quick prayer of safety by the 4 Amigos, Keith Wilder, of Millington, TN and presentation of colors by Loni Hart of Collierville, TN, it was time to “Cowboy Up”.  

 Cowboys young and old competed in the Ranch Rodeo series, including father and son teammates, Kyle and Kasen Brewer.  23-year-old cowboy Neil Knight of Olive Branch, MS stated, “I like the challenge of Ranch Rodeos.  You and your horse working as one to catch a cow, running as hard as it can go, that and meeting some really great guys to compete with and against.”  Neil picks up slack on short manned teams and Saturday night he competed on the Triple R team and The Crooks team.  Neil’s girlfriend, Montana Dye, was on the sidelines cheering him on and says, “I always look forward to Ranch Rodeos and have so much fun when I’m here.  I love the environment and people.  Everyone is so kind and helpful.  It’s definitely a different kind of “rodeo” but they are so much fun and keep you on your toes! It’s a great place to meet new people and make friends.  I can’t wait till the next one.”

Jeff “Doublej” Garrett announces for the series and feels, “people are being drawn to Ranch Rodeos, because it’s not what you see on TV or at the County Fair. They get to come see some of the jobs are like on a working ranch. It’s a good example of our local cowboy talent.  Ranch Rodeos are also a good outlet for cowboys to showcase their talents and horsemanship.” 

The events for the night included Double Mugging, Branding, Penning and Trailer Loading. 

The Top 3 teams in each event:

Double Mugging: 1) 4 Amigos, 2) Cow Pokes, 3) Say When
Branding: 1) Cow Pokes, 2) BB&R Farms, 3) 4 Amigos
Trailer Loading: 1) BB&R Farms, 2) Say When, 3) Triple R
Penning: 1) Cow Pokes, 2) BB&R Farms, 3) The Other Guys

The Top 7 Teams went to a bonus round consisting of: Single Mugging, Penning and Trailer Loading.  The winners of the Bonus Round were 1) Cow Pokes 2) The Other Guys.

The 7th event is October 12, 2019 at 2 p.m. at the Flying H Arena in Halls, TN.  The Super 7 Series is sponsored by Triple R Cattle Company & Hart Productions.

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