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IBRA National Finals


Article & photos by Nancy Brannon

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The International Barrel Racing Association (IBRA) attracted barrel racing competitors from sixteen U.S. states and Canada to the Show Place Arena in Memphis, Tennessee for the National Finals on October 1-5, 2019. Sponsored by Oxy-Gen, the show offered an estimated $300,000 in payouts and awards.

The weather was extremely hot for the first half of the show, with temperatures topping out in the upper 90s to near 100°F. On Wednesday, my car said the outdoor temperature was 102°F around 4 p.m. Only on Friday did the area get a break from the extreme heat, when Thursday’s overnight temperatures dropped into the upper 60s and Friday’s high was in the upper 80s. Everyone was thrilled with the lower, more tolerable temperatures! Because of the heat, show officials set up a closed-circuit TV in the air-conditioned Hospitality Room so that folks could watch the barrel racing in cool comfort.

The first day of barrel racing action, Tuesday October 1 began with the Sponsors & Directors Race 4D and $10,000 Guaranteed 4D. Elaina McKinney and WRS Kool Memories won the Sponsors Race with a time of 14.703.

In the $10,000 Guaranteed Race results, McKinney was bested by Cindy Patrick and Chasin Victory with a time of 14.455. McKinney’s time on WRS Kool Memories was 14.703 for second place.

Wednesday’s show began early with the Parade of States, followed by the Open 4D first go and then the $10,000 Future Fortunes Open. Last to go were the Masters 4D long go.

In the Open 4D first go, Troy Crumrine took first and second places on SR Industry Titan (14.329) and Imafrenchmans Princess (14.440), respectively. Elaina McKinney was third on the leaderboard with WRS Kool Memories (14.543).

In the Masters 4D Long Go, it was Troy Crumrine, again, in first and second on SR Industry Titan (14.329) and Imafrenchmans Princess (14.440), respectively. Cindy Patrick on Flit Ta Heaven was third with a time of 14.673.
Thursday’s races were the Open 4D second go, Adult 4D Long Go, and Youth 4D long go.

In the Open 4D second go, Troy Crumrine was again in first on ImaSmartGuy with a time of 14.312. Cindy Patrick was second on Flit Ta Heaven (14.374).

In the Adult Long Go, Bert Skimehorn garnered first and second on RocknRoll Frenchgirl (14.638) and Alice Coachman (14.641), respectively.

In the Youth Long Go, Bailey Belcher and Nickel took the top post with a time of 14.505. Elaina McKinney was second on WRS Kool Memories with a time of 14.519. Elaina also placed fourth on Daddys Dollar (14.753). Allie Maxwell was third on Streaking Nightmare (14.732).

Friday’s show began with the Masters 4D short go, followed by the Adult 4D short go and the Youth 4D short go. Friday night was “fun night” with a BBQ dinner and games to play.

Saturday’s show finished with the Open 4D short go.

The fastest time of the weekend was posted by Troy Crumrine on ImaSmartGuy in the Open 4D second go (14.312).
Honors went to Show Place Arena Manager/IBRA Tennessee State Director Jamie White, who was named 2019 IBRA Director of the Year. His wife Katie added that Jamie also has the longest tenure of any IBRA director.

Short Go qualification is reserved for those who are State Qualifiers: any horse and rider who have earned 100 points or more together. Any member who is ranked in the top five of a division in any class is considered a Top Dog in the respective class.

In the $30,000 Open, $10,000 was added to each go-round and the Short Go Finals. In the $5,000 Masters, $2,500 was added in the long go and Short Go Finals. In the $5,000 Youth, $2,500 was added in the long & Short Go Finals. In the $5,000 Adult, $2,500 was added in the long & Short Go Finals.

Open Short Go Results:
1D Champion: Troy Crumrine and Imafrenchmans Princess (14.276)

Adult Finals Results:
First: Alexandria Skipworth and Money Boat (14.753)
Second: Nealey Dalgon and Miss Mango Tango (14.813)
Third: Bert Skimehorn and Sassy Tres (14.849)

Masters Finals Results:
First: Cindy Patrick on Flit Ta Heaven (14.436)
Second: April Wood on Sweet Roxy Runaway (14.476)
Third: Angie Cunningham on Smoke N Ice (14.766)

Youth Finals Results:
First: Bailey Belcher and Nickel (14.648)
Second: Elaina McKinner and Daddys Dollar (14.666)
Third: Kaylee Weaver and Friday Night Cowboy (14.792)

Puhl’s Photography was on hand to capture all the action, both on video and still shots. See your photos at:

Find more information about IBRA and full results of the National Finals at:

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