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Flying H Arena Hosts Ranch Rodeo


The 4 Amigos, winner of the night: Jay Henderson Arlington, TN Keith Wilder, Millington, TN Todd Rankin, Ripley, TN Jonathan Kissel, Ripley, TN

The Cow Pokes: Shawn Turner, Henning, TN Dan Twisdale, Brighton, TN Cody Burrows, Roseville, TN Brandon Crenshaw, Brighton, TN

Todd Kissel Ripley TN

Reed Sanders Ripley, TN
By Morganna Fisher, MA Fisher Photography

Saturday, October 12, 2019, was a perfect fall day: crisp, cool breeze and clear, sunny skies for cowboys and their horses working cattle. Ranch rodeo competitors, their families and friends converged upon The Flying H Arena in Halls, Tennessee, which hosted the #7 event in the Triple R Cattle Company’s Super 7 Series Ranch Rodeo. Thirteen teams of mounted cowboys worked the cattle, competing against the clock through ankle deep mud for the top spots of the night.

Starting the night, Brad Hart, of Hart Productions, Collierville, Tennessee, said a prayer of safety for the teams, families, friends and the U.S. Military serving our great nation. Megan Turner of Henning, Tennessee displayed “Old Glory” to the crowd during the playing of the “Star Spangled Banner.” Megan, a barrel racer and working horse competitor herself, was there supporting her husband Shawn and his teammates the Cow Pokes. Megan was honored to present our flag to the crowd. “It was my pleasure to honor my country among my rodeo family and friends. Seeing everyone stop in their tracks and remove cover, makes me proud to be part of the great sport of Rodeo.”

Rodeo is a sport of families and communities, and the family friendly facilities at The Flying H Arena definitely serve the rodeo community well. The Flying H Arena committee was excited to host the event, as they support the growth and continuation of the rodeo way of life. The facilities include bleachers, concession stands, full arena, and even a playground for little buckaroos. “We were excited to see the turnout for the event, to see families and friends supporting the cowboys, as they are what keeps the rodeo way of life strong. As a group, we encourage cowboys and cowgirls of all ages and skill levels to compete. We are so proud that the facilities at The Flying H Arena allow us to do just that,” said Joe Agee, president of The Flying H Arena committee.

There were thirteen, four- man teams competing in: Double Muggin’, Penning, Branding, and Trailer Loading events to secure spots in the bonus round. Rules for the events are as follows.

The Double Muggin’: two cows in the arena- behind the line; riders are across the line. The riders must move the cattle across the line, rope, mug, and tie the called for cow. After the called for cow is mugged and the rope is removed, part of the teams ties, as the other teammates rope, mug and tie the second cow. Both cows must stay tied for six seconds to be counted.

Penning: cattle in the arena- behind the line, riders are across the line. The teams must move cattle across the line, rope a cow and get it in the pen; pen must be closed and rope off cow to stop the clock.

Branding: two cows in the arena- behind the line; riders are across the line. Riders must move cows across the line, rope cow, mug it, touch with the “branding iron (we use a cattle sorting stick) and return to the “fire” (bucket).

Trailer loading: two cattle in the arena- behind the line; riders are across the line. Move cattle across the line, rope a cow, load it in trailer, close gate, load two horses in trailer, close gate, and all four teammates must be on trailer with feet on trailer to stop the clock.

Seven teams went to the bonus round Saturday night: Cow Pokes, Say When, Ramblers, BB&R Farms, J&B Cattle, The Other Guys and The 4 Amigos- Keith Wilder, Todd Rankin, Jonathan Kissel and Jay Henderson, who won the night.

Henderson, a former PRCA bull rider from Arlington, Tennessee, states the reasons he likes ranch rodeos: “You get to work with a team and it’s physically challenging. It lets me still be part of rodeo, since I can’t ride bulls anymore. It also gives my kids a chance to watch me, since I haul and watch them all the time.”

The Triple R Cattle Company’s Super 7 Series Ranch Rodeo finals are November 2-3, 2019, at the Marshall County Fairgrounds in Holly Springs, Mississippi.

Pictures from the event may be viewed at:

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