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Driving and Riding at Nashoba


By Allie Rudisill

The Nashoba Carriage Classic is a show I look forward to all year long.  This year, I was excited to not only be competing in the carriage classes, but also in the side saddle classes that are offered at the show! 

During the Driving Derby on Friday, I drove Fifi, a black miniature horse, who had way too much fun galloping through the course.  Despite her excitedly crow-hopping through the first turn, we finished fourth. Speed events are my favorite, and Fifi and I had the best time. 

After the derby, I loved being able to go up to the Tanner Pavilion for appetizers, meet all of the new people who had come in for Nashoba’s twentieth anniversary, and laugh with people about Fifi’s silliness!  After eating, my fellow juniors and I took over: we designed and set the cones course, for the next day, while singing and dodging tennis balls. 

When Saturday morning came, I competed in one rail class, but afterwards, Fifi decided she did not want to compete for the rest of the morning’s classes and exerted all of her silliness! My fellow junior drivers, the judges, and the audience members were all very supportive in helping me to calm her down and get her back to the barn. 

Although upset about missing the day’s carriage classes, I was excited to compete in the side saddle classes that night.  When the time came, I saddled up my childhood horse, Sudie, and entered the ring.  I was ecstatic after the four classes were finished to discover that I had won a third place, two seconds, and a first!  Following the last classes of the night, the entirety of the participants and spectators had a delicious dinner and talked about their excitement for the last day of classes coming the next morning. 

When Sunday morning arrived, I assisted with the Ride and Drive, a class in which ponies and horses are first driven, then ridden, to demonstrate their capability of both driving and riding well.  After this, we had two more side saddle classes and then got to go on the Magnolia Drive.  This is my favorite part of the show! Both side saddle riders and carriage drivers get to trek through the nearby Germantown estates and woods and stop for snacks and refreshments along the way.  I had the opportunity to ride side saddle as well as to ride in the carriage alongside a fellow junior participant.  

After a few pleasurable trips on the Magnolia Drive, the Awards Luncheon began!  I was so ecstatic for my fellow riders and drivers who won high-point and championship ribbons.  I knew they had worked hard to deserve them.  Excitingly, it was announced that I won Reserve Champion for my side saddle division and High-point Champion for the entire side saddle division.  The show was amazing, and it was great to see everyone’s hard work pay off.  With that, I can’t wait until next year’s Nashoba Carriage Classic!

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