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Cedar Knob Opening Hunt 2019


By Clare Marie Pinney, Huntsman; Photos by Michael Gomez

On Sunday November 10, 2019, at their fixture in Lynnville, Tennessee, Cedar Knob Hounds held their Opening Meet and Blessing of the Hounds. “Opening Hunt 2019 is in the books. And what a great start to our 2019-2020 foxhunting season!” wrote Huntsman Clare Pinney. Here’s how the day’s foxhunt unfolded.

Just after 9 am, after the Blessing of the Hounds, hounds were cast from Byrd’s Barn and we drew down the paddock trail into Marianne’s Hidden Valley. Hounds moved over into the Little Bird Field and onto Post Road. Hounds worked hard and some feathering occurred, but no line could be picked up.

We continued hunting, working along to the old shack by Blue Creek and around to Townsend’s Fence line. We moved on into Rob’s Caves and up Albert’s Trail into the Big Bird Field. We worked into the upper field of Townsend’s and Rob Caldwell viewed! View halloo! At approximately the same time, hounds Dallas and Treasure opened and the whole pack honored. They swung up into the Big Bird Field, crossed that field, and swung in the direction of Cheatham Valley. They ran through Cheatham Valley and over towards the Cedars before swinging back into Bully’s Field and heading towards his feed lot. Still hot on the line, they crossed Jett Road below Johnny Farrar’s and headed up into his field before crossing into Byrd’s Eye View. Here they lost the line and were gathered by Junior Whippers-in Jacob Wallaceand Zachary Wallace. With their help, and that of Stephen Heard and RyanJohnsey, we brought the pack back to the F gates to meet back up with the field.

Hounds had a water break in the pond before crossing back over Jett Rd.

We put them back in covert in the burn field next to Jabbo’s and drew down into Cheatham Valley. We drew from the Double Black Diamondtrail behind Jabbo’s along the side of Bully’s Ridge to the Game Warden’s. We drew a bobcat in the ditch, and worked around through the Bullpens and on into Orrin’s Valley before blowing the horn for coming home.

After the hounds and horses were put away, we had a wonderful meal hosted by Andrew and Marianne Byrd that all enjoyed. It was the end to another great day for Cedar Knob Hounds!

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