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Alex North: Gulf Coast Photographer


Compiled by Nancy Brannon

It is sad to learn about a greatly talented photographer just as he has passed away. Alex North was known for his beautifully mastered color photographs, primarily of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, yet he was color blind. In just a short period of time after contacting a virus, the Gulfport photographer was gone on February 22, 2020.

North shared the beauty of the Gulf Coast with the world, taught photography, and was a mentor to budding photographers. Ironically, photography was something North took up in 2011, but he quickly developed his immense talents at capturing the natural world through a camera lens.

He posted his photos on facebook, encouraging people to enjoy and share the images. He had a “zeal for capturing the natural wonders of the Gulf Coast through his camera lens,” posted on his facebook page. “Constantly amazed at the wonders of God’s creation, Alex arose well before sunrise and [stayed] beyond sunset each day to see what surprises the new dawn would bring. We are all beneficiaries of his passion.”

Alex wrote about himself on facebook: “When your joy and passion are presented for others to ponder and celebrate, it becomes art. Every day, I want to take you to a place that is different from your norm, just a simple moment to reflect on the creation we are all blessed to have.”

Here are a few of the recent photographs North took before his untimely death, as he encouraged folks to share them. Perhaps they will inspire in you a greater appreciation of the beauty of nature and to develop your talents, wherever they may lie.

Here are Alex’s comments about his photos:

Nice to see the Goldfinches, hope you enjoy!

Celebrating our Japanese Magnolia, hope you enjoy this year’s bloom.

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