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Lexington Carriage Classic


Compiled by Nancy Brannon

The Lexington Carriage Classic (LCC) was forced to cancel the 2020 live show because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the LCC committee came up with a virtual show program available to anyone around the world to enter, and they added some classes that they don’t offer at the live show. Judging was June 19-20, 2020 and people could enter as many classes as they liked for only $5 per class. The committee was thrilled to receive over 500 entries! Class results from Judge Steve Holm were posted on facebook (Lexington Carriage Classic) starting June 18.

“The Lexington Carriage Classic is a prestigious pleasure show,” said driver/exhibitor Pam Gamble Anderson. “There really aren’t that many left in the U.S. Because of COVID-19, they went to a virtual show. They allowed old photos and had a very reasonable entry fee. They got 520 entries!”

“Everybody’s Favorite Class” is the Carriage Dog class, which attracted 17 entries. In first place was Border Collie Brodie, entry by Gail Aumiller driving her Friesian mare Sjaantje. But our absolute favorite was the second place entry, Corgi Mae Mae with Pam Anderson driving Rebel. Pam and Rebel were also in the Ride and Drive class, with Pam riding sidesaddle.

Pam told about her relationship with Mae Mae: “Mae Mae was given to us as a puppy because she had a severe skin condition and no one wanted her. She had very little hair and I remember thinking, ‘That’s the ugliest Corgi I have ever seen.’ But even then she had the most beautiful eyes that look into your soul. She uses her eyes to mind-control you to get whatever she wants! Her coat came in lovely and she became a wonderful carriage dog. For several years she rode on a commercial carriage with her Mom in downtown Memphis, TN. Horse and Corgi retired to pleasure driving, and Mae Mae is at home on her carriage as she is at home on her couch.”

The Costume Class had so many good entries that the LCC decided to have them judged on facebook by having folks “like” their favorite.

In the Large Single Ponies class there were 26 entries, with first place going to Martha Stover driving Tyngwndyn Lovespoon (aka Lisa), in the Gig class at Walnut Hill.

The Single Small Ponies attracted 16 entries, with first place going to Kate Whaley driving her 17-year-old Welsh pony Moon Star.

The Old Guard class attracted 25 entries and, while they didn’t win, placing fifth, were this trio of miniature donkeys driven by Sally Armstrong: the “Tri-ass-letes,” driven at Grand Oaks Classic in Florida. The trio and Sally Armstrong placed second in the Donkeys and Mules class.

We were impressed with the second place photo in the Gentlemen Whips class: Ray Morton driving Morton's Jaguar and Morton's Ducati at Orleton Farm 2019, a pair of 10- and 6-year-old 14.2h geldings. They are family bred ponies (3rd generation) and Ray drove the grandsire, a pair of sons and now a pair of grandsons. They are both British Riding Ponies and are brothers.

There are so many good driving photos you’ll just have to go to facebook to see them all.

The 2021 live show is scheduled for June 17-19 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY. Find more information about the LCC at:

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