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Dr. Cynthia Weis Joins Tennessee Equine Hospital


Tennessee Equine Hospital announced the merger of Mid South Equine with Tennessee Equine Hospital (TEH) West in Eads, TN on August 7, 2020. Dr. Cynthia Weis has been serving the horses of West Tennessee for almost 20 years. “She is a fabulous practitioner and is a well-respected equine veterinarian in the local equine community. We are very excited to have her join our amazing veterinary team at TEH West,” said President/Co-Owner Dr. Monty McInturff. Dr. Weis joins veterinarians Dr. Rilla Reese, Dr. Samantha Tate, and Dr. Christina Frost at the facility.

Dr. Weis is a 1991 graduate of Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Just after graduation, she did an externship at a practice where Dr. McInturff was, so she has known him for 30 years, she said. She moved to the mid-south in 2001 and founded Mid-South Equine on Collierville-Arlington Road, in the Eads/Fisherville area.

When the new Tennessee Equine Hospital West was built, Weis said that Dr. McInturff approached her then about joining the team at the new clinic. But Weis said that the time was just not right for her.

He approached her again in the last few months and Weis said the opportunity was right for her now, so she accepted the offer. “It’s a great opportunity at this stage in my career,” she said. “It’s an opportunity to work with the younger veterinarians and have access to this facility. So I merged my practice with Tennessee Equine Hospital.” She’s keeping her own clients “and they’re real happy about that,” she added. “At least 30% of my clients have already had some service from TEH, so it seems like a perfect fit.”

I asked Dr. Weis what equine health issues she’s been seeing during this season, and she said “allergies, asthma (respiratory issues), and some eye issues. But I’m mostly doing routine equine wellness care.”

If you want to get in touch with Dr. Weis, call the TEH West office at (901) 300-3830.

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