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Photos by Patricia Wendell, Equestrian Influence

If you’ve never been out with a pack of Basset Hounds, you have missed a LOT of fun! It’s not as fast-paced as other types of hunting with hounds; many folks follow them on foot, although one can follow them on horseback. But just watching Basset Hounds hunt is so entertaining, because the hounds are such a pleasure to watch.

Mells Foxhounds, members of which normally hunt by horseback following foxhounds, hosted the Okaw Valley Foot Bassets on Sunday October 18, 2020 at Sugar Valley Farm at Lynnville, Tennessee. Master of Basset Hounds, Ron Ausman, gave folks a fantastic hunt! The hounds found several rabbits and gave a great chase. Mells had a good turnout, with some walking, some on horseback, and some on 4-wheelers. Sugar Valley is really beautiful country! Sugar Valley Farm is an over 2,400-acre cattle farm, timberland, and hunting preserve located in the picturesque rolling hills of Giles County, Tennessee.

This was not the first visit of the Okaw Valley Foot Bassets to Lynnville, Tenn. They were invited by the Hillsboro Hounds and had two hunts in early March 2020.

The Okaw Valley Foot Bassets is a private pack of eight and a half couple of American Basset Hounds, registered in 2012, affiliated with the National Beagle Club, Aldie, Virginia. They hunt cotton tail rabbits in the traditional manner of pack hounds. Master and Huntsman is Ronald J. Ausman, Jr. First Whipper-In is Lei Ruckle and Honorary Whippers-In are Logan Ausman and Ashley Souchek. The kennels are located in Waterloo, Illinois. The pack hunts the territory of the Shawnee Hounds, with permission. Find more information about this pack on facebook at Okaw Valley Foot Bassets.

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