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Ken McNabb Clinic


Photos by Patricia Wendell, Equestrian Influence

Goodman Equestrian Facility in Lynnville, Tennessee hosted a Ken McNabb 3-day Horsemanship Clinic, September 24- 26, 2020. It had originally been scheduled for April 16-18, but the COVID-19 pandemic interfered and it was postponed until September. The clinic was booked full, even at a cost of $975 per person. Friends or family could audit for $25/day or $65 for the three days. The clinic ran 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily with an hour and a half for lunch.

In his clinics McNabb uses gentle methods of exercises and drills so that each rider and horse can gain knowledge and confidence. His goal is to help riders develop a close personal relationship with their horse and to help them build confidence in their ability to interact with their horse. As participants move through the exercises in the clinic, Ken gives the next one only after both horse and rider master the current one. Giving individual attention, he helps participants advance at their own pace.

In day one of the clinic, participants first work on groundwork. After groundwork exercises are mastered, they work in the saddle on hand positioning and rein management. This goes hand-in-hand with balance and body positioning. The focus then turns to teaching the horse to give to the bit and soften at the poll.

Day two progresses to developing collected movement – at the walk, trot, and lope, plus backing up. The focus of day two is transitions: leg/speed transitions and rating your speed, directional transitions, improving the stop, and developing shoulder control.

Day three advances to body control maneuvers including turn on the forehand, side pass, rollback and spin, haunches in, shoulder in, leg yield. Once the maneuvers are learned, then it’s time to practice them over obstacles and help horses overcome their fear of various types of obstacles. There is also time spent on trailer loading, overcoming fear and loading with ease and confidence.

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Best quote of the session: “Good, better, best, never let it rest; good is better and better is best.”

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