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Hillsboro Hounds Youth Hunt


From Dana Burke

Hillsboro Hounds hosted its eighth annual Youth Day Hunt at Hounds Ear on March 6, 2021.  Organized by Virginia Voigt, it was, once again, a huge success, with 58 enthusiastic juniors and perfect weather for such a fun event.  There were four Pony Clubs represented along with the Williamson County 4-H horse project children.  The Pony Clubs attending were Middle Tennessee Pony Club (the oldest Pony Club in the United States), Stones River, Cedar Hills and Cedar Knob. Juniors traveled from over seven counties in Tennessee to participate. Along with these wonderful youth groups, it was also a joint hunt with members of The Mells Foxhounds attending as Hillsboro’s guests, with a total of 74 riders in the field. Both seasoned members and first-timers enjoyed the day.

There were 26 mounted junior riders and 42 unmounted juniors. One junior rider, Ava Wood got to Whip-In for Hillsboro. Of these junior riders, 14 qualified for the Junior North America Field Hunter Championship (JNAFHC). This championship will be held in Lexington, Kentucky on October 30, 2021. Hillsboro Hounds is very excited to see how well all these great competitors do! 

Following the hunt was a boxed luncheon made by TennesSweet Food Company of Nashville, TN, served COVID-friendly outside with delicious food and liquid refreshments.  

Following lunch there was an on-foot, mock “foxhunt” in which all the smaller children chased the “fox.”  Rob Esslinger, in full fox clothing, made excellent sport – that is, until one child succeeded in grabbing and disconnecting his tail! (held on by Velcro and the object of the mock chase).

It was definitely a fun day for everyone in attendance – old and young alike. Parents and their children, siblings, spouses, and grandparents all shared smiles, laughter, and appreciation for the opportunity to do what we love.

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