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Lead Line


#278 Piper Olsen on T2

#74 Cedar Hill’s Tapatia, Emma Martin riding

#233 Rollingwoods Walk Softly with Grady Hachtel aboard

#33 Jack Walker on Chance’s Charm N’ Luck, led by mother Kathleen Armour Walker

#377 Georgia Fant on Rosie

#362 Margaux Labry riding Marantha Priouette - Tom Brannon photos

#176 Amelia Nelson on Illuminate - Tom Brannon photos

#92 Tatum Atchison on Gypsy Vanner EBV Revana, led by Layna Mendius - Tom Brannon photos

WR Sahara, Emme Hanes, led by Taylor Hanes - Tom Brannon photos
Photos by Tom & Nancy Brannon

One of the popular classes at the Germantown Charity Horse Show is Wednesday night’s Lead Line class. Here one can see the cutest riders dressed to the nines and horses or ponies immaculately groomed and braided. And everyone is photographing– professionals and parents, grandparents, and friends – these budding equestrians. According to the announcer, “This is probably the most photographed class of the show; plenty of photo opportunities.” Once the riders had paraded around the arena and were lined up, the announcer said, “Now for the interview portion of the class. It’s not just about the wave.”

Everyone was so spiffy and rode so well that they all got a blue ribbon.

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