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$5,000 David Q. Wright Memorial Germantown Hunter Classic


#222 Keebler, Naomi Gillen - Photos by Nancy Brannon

#148 Cesar De Lison Z, Emma Rupinski - Photos by Nancy Brannon

#177 Capisce, Jason Schnelle - Photos by Nancy Brannon

#190 Lacoste, Shanna Beyer - Photos by Nancy Brannon

#105 Evie Jaeckle, TJC’s Taio Cruz - Photos by Tom Brannon

#217 Veni Vidi Vici - Photos by Tom Brannon

#217 Veni Vidi Vici - Photos by Tom Brannon

#116 Chablis 162, Emma Dubinsky - Photos by Tom Brannon
The second round of the Germantown Hunter Classic was performed before Friday night’s (June 11, 2021) Germantown Charity Horse Show audience to determine the winner of the 2-round class. The classic was Open to all horses that competed in the following divisions: High Performance, Performance 3’6”, Green 3’6” & 3’9”, Conformation, Amateur Owner 3’6”, Small & Large Junior Working Hunters 3’6”.

The class was judged on performance and soundness, with manners emphasized, and scored under the open numerical judging system. The designated classic first round was the second trip of the division on the first day. The top fifteen scores from the first round returned to jump a second round on Friday evening. Scores were added from both rounds to determine the winners.

1st : #217 Veni Vidi Vici, ridden by Naomi Gillen (Maria Anello owner)
2nd : #108 Casino, Giselle Grench (o/r)
3rd : #177 Capisce, Jason Schnelle rider (Cheryl Rubenstein owner)
4th : #190 Lacoste, Shanna Beyer (o/r)
5th : #296 Baudelaire, Ainsley Wade (o/r)
6th : #116 Chablis 162, Emma Dubinsky rider (Big Hollow Farm owner)
7th: #222 Keebler, Naomi Gillen riding (Abigail Arnold owner)
8th : #148 Cesar De Lison Z, Emma Rupinski rider (Belle Rolfe owner)
9th : #249 Canal Street, Katia Cannon (o/r)
10th : #105 TJC’s Taio Cruz, Evie Jaeckle
11th : #245 Connor Son, Caitlyn Gidley
12th : #273 Ipanema, Katana Kennedy O’Brien (Belle Rolfe owner)

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